PreOp I went to the hospital for my Pre-Op testing. The nurse weighed me, measured my height, took my BP and oxygen reading and then she asked me medical questions, did an “interview” sort of thing, explained the surgery and hospital procedures and asked me to show her all my meds….I was supposed to bring them and I forgot! Oh, SHIT! Luckily I could remember them all, incl. the doses( how many mg and how many pills a day) AND she wanted the GENERIC names too, not the brand name but a good thing I KNOW them (I could be a pharmacist, ha, ha!) such as instead of saying “Prozac” it had to be “fluoxetine” and instead of “Topamax” it was “topiramate.” Then I had to go to another area and have my blood taken and have an ECG to check my heart.

As I was getting my blood done there was a mentally handicapped teen girl in the room with me(curtains drawn so I couldn’t see, only hear) and it was her first time and she fainted and then had a seizure and I heard this god-awful “thud!” as her head hit the hard floor and then technicians and nurses came scrambling in and took her to an exam room across the hall and I saw she had a big “goose egg” bump on the front of her head that was bleeding and all I could think of, “Oh, f*ck! The poor thing! Holy shit!” They said they’ll call the night before my surgery and tell me the time to come in and I can’t have anything to eat or drink after Midnight the night before. On the way there my hubby also saw a truck with a license plate that he said was his computer password!

A few HRS later they called and said everything looked normal except my potassium’s low and they’l CANCEL the surgery if it doesn’t go up in time and I have to see my family doc about that and have the blood work re-done later next week again before the surgery to see if it has and they said to eat a banana daily in the meantime…..I wonder what he’ll do to bring it up? I’m already ON a supplement of 600 mg a day so will he increase the dose or put me on another diuretic( it can lower potassium) that doesn’t absorb potassium, or (if it’s really low) send me to the hospital for another IV infusion like I had last summer when it was critically low? I wonder if it IS the diuretic causing it though or some undiagnosed medical issue but whatever it is my body just depletes all my potassium and I HAVE to get the levels back up in less than 2 weeks as I don’t want them to not do my surgery! Just MY “luck!”  Why DOES everything ALWAYS have to be a problem for me all the time anyway? Can’t anything just go smoothly for ONCE?

I also had a dream I died ( maybe I’ll die during surgery?) and that dying isn’t scary at all but just like when scenes change in a movie and you meet God and there are 3 options depending on how you’ve lived your life: if you’re good you get to stay in Heaven, if you’re “so-so” you get sent back(but as someone else) to try again and do better, but if you’re bad you go back and keep making the same mistakes over and over again until you learn and get it right and become good.Buddy also saw the neighbour’s dog thru their fence and they were “challenging” eachother( both males) by peeing on the fence and the other dog kicked up the grass with his hind legs( to show dominance) and then so did Buddy (I’ve never seen him do that before) and it made me think that ALL males are the same no matter which species, humans incl; guys are always competing; who has more $$$, who is stronger, more handsome, can pick up the most girls, etc.