Holy Thursday.

HolyThursday Today is Holy Thursday, the day Jesus celebrated the Last Supper, the Passover meal with His Disciples and He washed their feet in an act of service and when He was betrayed by Judas and arrested. It was also when the first Eucharist was created as He told them to “Eat  His flesh and drink His blood.” We have Mass tonight as well as tomorrow for Good Friday( as well as fasting) and on Saturday for the Easter Vigil.

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day as well and the 20 YR old played pranks on everyone incl. putting cayenne pepper in food, Saran-wrapping the toilet seat, screwing up computers, hiding things, etc. incl. unplugging the mouse and keyboard from my computer and even when it was all put back together I couldn’t type anything anymore; he’d somehow ruined my keyboard for good and I had to get a new one and my hubby acted like he put something in my food( but I don’t think he really did; he was just trying to “mind-f*ck” me and get me all paranoid) so I was looking to see if there were any bugs, pubes, hork or any other disgusting thing in it and I sniffed it to see if it smelled like hot sauce and held it up to the sunlight to see if it looked any different but it didn’t and I ate it anyway as we can’t afford to waste food or throw anything out and then he joked that he poisoned it and I’d “find out in an HR” what he did. Ha ha, very funny. I was freaking out when I couldn’t use my computer ( due to the prank and then it broke because of it and there was an app’t I had to put on my calender and didn’t have time for that crap)and my mother and the 13 YR old were yelling at me to “Shut the f*ck up!” and said I’m “So annoying!” too, belittling me as always.

I also went to the dentist for another cleaning and my regular dentist was off and it was another one and he didn’t use the machine thingy to administer the freezing by computer like I usually get(which is virtually painless) and instead used several syringes to inject it like in the olden days of dentistry back in the 80’s and it hurt so much my eyes watered! They also let me have earphones on and watch a couple of episodes of the old TV show “Scrubs”(I loved that show!) to help pass the time so it seemed to go by faster and my hubby made me wait 30 minutes before he could pick me up as he got caught up in a call at work and with his new job things spring up suddenly alot and he has to work, incl. during the night and over-time and he groused we have to start doing more things on our own without him as he “can’t be everywhere at once” but I still need him to drive (as I can’t with my perception problem) and there’s still some things he has to do no matter what.

My hubby said the 20 YR old should go on welfare as well as he just stays at home now and does nothing anyway so he might as well just stay at home and do nothing and at least bring in some $$$$$ (he tries to get jobs for the past 2 YRS but no one’s hired him) and maybe welfare will persuade someone to hire him and in the meantime at least he’d have some $$$$ to contribute to the family except I’m hesitant as I don’t want the gov’t up in our business and everything from them always comes with strings attached and at a cost, usually to your privacy and freedom and they are best avoided if at all possible. I also tried to get in to see my family doc to increase my potassium meds dose to bring up my low potassium levels before my surgery so they won’t cancel it but he’s away until next Wednesday and that’s too late; surgery’s in the middle of April and I need time to get my levels up and then a blood test and results BEFORE the surgery date to see if it’s still on or has to be post-poned(I hope NOT!) so they got another doc at the clinic there to fax the pharmacy to increase it and to send a requisition to the lab so I can get my blood done late next week. I just hope and pray it DOES go up enough to their satisfaction in time as I don’t want my surgery to be cancelled! Mine is 2.7 and the average is 3.5-5 and if it’s below 2.5 they’ll infuse you. I’m also eating bananas and kiwis every day trying to bring it up quickly. Just MY “luck” though. It figures!  I wonder if it IS my diuretic causing it though or if maybe I DO have some sort of kidney problem, perhaps?