Good Friday.

GoodFriday Today is Good Friday, the day Jesus was Crucified and died on the Cross for us. For our sins. So we wouldn’t be separated from God for all eternity. So we could have a shot at Heaven.

Yesterday in church the 11 and 13 YR olds wouldn’t stop talking and a lady came over and told them to shut up and I was mortified. I’m always telling them to NOT talk and constantly going, “Shhh!” but they never listen to me and even after she left they just laughed. My kids suck and have no respect. It was also so sunny and warm yesterday and 12 C I was out in the sun with Buddy for 6 HRS and got a red sunburned face which showed up just in time for Mass!

Today is also a fasting day as well as Mass but due to my ulcer I’d be exempt, esp. due to how bad it was last time I fasted as my ulcer is worse if my stomach is empty. I feel guilty even though I know God understands.