“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupApril Catching up on everything:

– A lady in church gave the 11 YR old a dirty look yesterday.

– The “Rich Lady” was in church yesterday, looking elegant and classy as always, wearing a cashmere jacket and she sat right in front of us and I noticed she also had clip-on earrings.Who doesn’t have their ears pierced nowadays? Her and her husband are so sophisticated and well-dressed they look so out of place here in “Loserville.” She looks older than I originally thought when I saw her up close,too, and I wish I could befriend her I admire her so much but I wouldn’t even know where to begin and we’re not equals; she’s way out of my league. I notice as well that her and her husband never talk at all to eachother so is it just that they’re extra polite and reverent in church or maybe don’t get along?

– I have gone “Commando” (not worn underwear) twice in my life, both by accident. Once when I was a kid and going to the “Ex”; I was excited and forgot but it was the 70’s and I was wearing one of those one-piece jump suits so no one could tell, and the other time was on one of my Caribbean trips at the beach when I had changed out of my bathingsuit into my shirt and skirt I couldn’t find the underwear so I guess it must have fallen out of my beach bag. I have to say it did feel quite “freeing” wearing a skirt without underwear, and very breezy but I had to be careful a breeze didn’t lift up my skirt!

– The blog I read where she had cancer has died. She has something like 9 kids too with the oldest just teens. She tried every chemo out there and every treatment, even experimental ones and fought so hard yet despite all that it still didn’t work and she still died anyway. It’s so sad; not for her as she’s in Heaven, but for her family, who, unlike mine who won’t care when I die, love and miss her.

– The 13 YR old said one of her friends( age 14) wants to have sex and she has a few friends that are prego,too and I told her that she has the wrong kind of friends. I’m so glad we homeschool and my kids are away from that pressure and bad influence.Our kids aren’t even allowed to date until they’re 18 and finished highschool; they have to concentrate on school, not on dating.

– They said on the radio that babies here are at the highest risk in the province as the pregnant mothers in this area have mental illness at twice the provincial average, have the highest smoking rate and the lowest education. I’m not surprised, with all the dumb rednecks in this town!

– Buddy was upset when we went to Patti’s but no one was home as her dog’s in heat and he’s wild to get at her and even once at home he kept whimpering, whining,and even howling constantly, pining for his love.

– For 2 days it was sunny and warm and the sun is so relaxing I just want to sleep outside and when I said I wish I could live outside the 20 YR old said, “You can; it’s called being homeless!” and I also wish I lived somewhere tropical where it’s sunny and warm and feels like summer all YR long, like in the Caribbean.

– I’m really worried that despite all my efforts of doubling my potassium supplements and eating bananas and kiwis every day to bring my potassium levels up so my surgery won’t be cancelled that the levels still will be low with MY “luck” and it will end up still being post-poned afterall, so I’m “conditioning” myself to assume it will be cancelled so I won’t be surprised but if the levels DO go up and it DOES go ahead as scheduled I’ll be extra happy! My motto is “Hope for the best but expect the worst”…because that’s what I usually get in life.