My Hippo Haul.

HippoJewelleryBox Here is my hippo bejewelled jewellery box that is Faberge-style. It opens on top and has a hippo necklace inside! Note the rhinestones on the end. There is also room to put earrings inside.

PurplePlushHippo Purple plush hippo toy. Soft and cuddly!

Buddy54 and here is Buddy snuggled on my new Bob Marley blanket!

Happy Easter!

Easter Happy Resurrection Day! He is risen! Alleuia! Today is NOT about rabbits or chicks. It’s about Jesus. He is the reason for the season! Last night was the Easter Vigil Mass, my fave. Liturgy of the entire YR. It was long ( 90 min) and late and the 11 YR old fell asleep but she also has a sore throat and is getting a cold( I just hope I don’t get one as my surgery is in a week assuming they don’t cancel it) and her and the 13 YR old put their candles together to make one big flame and a nasty usher scolded them to “Stop playing around!” or he’d take them away! What an ASSHOLE! I was thinking in my head, “You know where you can shove those candles?” later on when he came by  to collect the money he glared at them as well so I gave him the “Stink Eye.” For Easter the kids also got chocolates and we’re having a big dinner (I dubbed “The Easter Feaster”) in the dining room. We were going to hide tiny foil wrapped eggs too but when we went to get them out of the closet to hide they were gone; the mice had eaten them all and there was a tell-tale chew marks thru the bag!

Yesterday the 11 YR old, 13 YR old and I  also had a girl’s shopping day out at a mall an HR away. We had so much fun! We were there for 6 HRS and I literally DID shop ’till I drop; my back and legs were so sore and I couldn’t walk any more and had to keep sitting down on a bench! The girls got clothes they’d saved up for and now I finally have some $$$$ I bought a few much needed things: a pair of “distressed” jeans( since I lost weight I didn’t have any pants that fit) a pair of sparkly gold flats( shoes) to wear with my dress to the First Communion and Confirmation, and flip-flops( as my old one has a hole in it and the rubber part keeps coming thru) and I also got a couple of treats: a Bob Marley fuzzy blanket/ throw, a purple stuffed plush hippo, and a Faberge-style bejewelled hippo jewellery box….and then when my hubby saw it he said that’s what HE got me for my Mother’s Day gift; the exact same thing! What are the odds? I don’t care though; I’ll just have 2 of them, and you can never have too many hippos!

We looked around in all the fun stores, and I put on make up at Sephora and put on Chanel # 5 perfume so I was all ready for church when I got home; all I had to do was get dressed, we had Pina Colada smoothies at Orange Juilius, and later on we had lunch in the food court and the 13 YR old dropped her French fries and the 11 YR old was going to pick them off the floor and eat them! Ewww!  2 people also told me they liked my Bob Marley shirt, and we had a really good day and a fun time!