Our Easter.

Easter2015 Here is a photo of my Easter stash. The kids got theirs as well except we had to hide M&M’s instead of the foil wrapped mini eggs the mice ate in the closet where we had them because that’s all the store had left! I always wondered as well if it would be considered blasphemous to have Easter chocolates in the mould of Jesus since that’s what Easter IS all about, instead of chocolates in the shapes of chicks, rabbits,ducks, etc. and in the mall the other day the “Easter Bunny” (actually someone dressed up in costume) was wandering around and the 11 and 13 YR olds got a “selfie” with him but I just hit him up for the free chocolate eggs,and the boys all wore dress shirts and ties to Mass which impressed me,too, but as it turned out it was the 17 YR old’s idea to wear a white dress shirt and the others followed but not for the noble reason you might think: it was the only clean shirt that he could find! The 13 YR old also had to go to the ER for an X-ray on Easter as she fell down the stairs and hurt her hand but luckily it wasn’t broken or even sprained( despite it hurting and her not being able to straighten out her fingers or move or use it) just badly bruised.

The 11 YR old got a T-shirt custom-made while we were shopping as well, a hot pink one with a silhouette of a Dachshund just like Buddy that said, “I love my weiner” and for a treat I bought both her and the 13 YR old stuff they wanted; I got her a shirt she’d wanted and a funky belt the 13 YR old wanted, I also found my leather pilot jacket I’ve had for YRS but had put away so I brought it out for spring,the only leather jacket I have left now as the movers stole my black leather jacket, my brown leather jacket, and my sheepskin coat when they packed and moved our stuff when we moved here 12 YRS ago! My e-mail  got hacked as well so I changed all my passwords on ALL my accounts just to be extra safe.

I also read a news report that people who are socially conservative(like me) are “less intelligent” and I’m offended and insulted but then I just consider where it comes from; probably from some liberal who may be so-called “intelligent” but MORALLY bankrupt and ethically lacking and I just have to remember that GOD doesn’t see people and things the way the world does, and saw another report showing the proper way to eat bananas is actually upside down; that’s the way to peel them easier and the way monkeys do it, and my hubby and the 11 and 13 YR olds accused me of “getting ‘tired'” of Buddy now too just because I was mad at him because he kept trying to hump my leg all day and it really hurt that they’d even think such a thing; I love him so much; he’s my heart and I love him more than ever! Why do they always think of the most hurtful things to say to me all the time? WHY are they always so MEAN to me?