Throwback Thursday.

P1 2009, “Big Pimpin’!”

P2 2009 Going Undercover.

P3 2003. “Goggle-Head.”

P4 2011. Caribbean.

P5 2009. “Nerd Day.”

I’m also getting my blood work re-done today to see if my potassium level is up and should know sometime later today or tomorrow if the surgery is still on or if it’ll be post-poned if my level is still too low,and lately I’ve been having lots of dreams about me dying and being dead as well as a “feeling” I’ll die soon and it’s almost as if I can “feel” it coming closer each day, so I wonder if maybe I’ll end up having a heart attack or something with my potassium issues or even die during surgery, perhaps? I’ve always had a “knowing feeling” my entire life that I’ll die before I’m 50 and I’m 48 now so I haven’t got too much time left,anyway, but lately it just feels really close…..hmmmm……