It’s A Go!!

GreenLight Good news! I’ve been given a green light for my surgery; it’s ON for Monday as scheduled! I got the call about my potassium levels and it worked: they DOUBLED! I went from 2.7 up to 4.7! (the average is 3.5 to 5) I am just so glad and so relieved, thank God! I just exhaled in a huge sigh of relief and shrieked in joy, dancing around when I heard the news. I have to be at the hospital at 9:30 am and the surgery is scheduled for 11 am but I can’t have anything to eat from Midnight the night before and can only have sips of water or gingerale up to 3 HRS before so I’m still able to take my medication. The worst thing about fasting for me is my stomach ulcer though; it’s always worse on an empty stomach! They told me to pack an overnight bag as well as I should be discharged the next morning and wouldn’t you know it: “Aunt Flow” arrived…..4 days late…so I’ll have it during my surgery! Ugh! It always has a habit of showing up at the WORST time possible! The 8 YR old is still “convinced” I’m going to die during surgery,too, but it’s good for me either way: if I die I go to Heaven sooner and I’ll be happy,and if not I end up with smaller boobs!

We also had our first thunder storm of the season/YR yesterday too: when I first heard the thunder in the morning I wondered what it was( not used to storms as it’s been months since we’ve had them; we don’t get them in winter) and thought it might have been an airplane at first but then I saw the lightening. The 20 YR old was teasing Buddy as well by kicking the door and making him bark so when my hubby opened it from the other side he tried to bite him thinking it was still the 20 YR old….and my hubby was *FURIOUS* and he tried to kick him and Buddy quickly ran out of the way and I saw the commotion and intervened and got in-between them, shielding Buddy, scooping him up in my arms, yelling at him to not touch him and he raged if he ever bit him he’d “kick him out the window” and said he’ll be gone….but if he ever hurt or takes away the one thing I love the most I’LL burn all of HIS “Spider-Man” collectibles  and destroy the one thing that HE treasures the most,TOO! I won’t LET him hurt him or get rid of him,though, and he’s MY dog,anyway, and poor Buddy looked so depressed and dejected afterwards,too, like his feelings were hurt and like he couldn’t believe that he’d do that to him. He just looked so crestfallen and heartbroken and my hubby is such a f*cking asshole.