D1Jumping for joy.

D2 Dog shaming.

D3The beauty of Dachshunds.

D4The look of love.Patti’s dog has black lined eyes like this,too.

D5 I am one of Buddy’s people.(This one looks just like him!)

D6 I’m a bit tied up at the moment.

D7 Dog farts are toxic. Sad Dachshund eyes, the look of guilt.

D8Who can resist?

Ever since my hubby tried to kick Buddy he avoids and ignores him now, whereas before he’d want him to greet him and would wag his tail and run over to him but now he just walks right by, and I heard what I thought sounded like “Jesus Street” on the radio but I must have heard it wrong, the 11 YR old looked out her bedroom window as she heard someone screaming and saw a guy holding a gun pointing it at a girl and her running away and then he got into a car and took off! I’m not surprised with all the rednecks in this town! I’m also thinking of maybe taking up latch hooking like I used to do years ago, only this time making a hippo rug,and for a few hours I also kept smelling the same smell I smelled awhile before we had our fire 19 YRS ago that the fire chief later told me was the burning rubber insulation coating on the wires, and it smells like burnt plastic, or like the gas you smell when you’re getting an anesthetic to go to sleep and you’re breathing in thru the mask over your mouth, or like nail polish remover or model airplane glue,  and then later on it smelled like burned toast…..but no one else smelled anything so maybe it was a “phantom smell” that only I had and that is usually caused by a brain tumour, seizure disorder, or brain hemmorage. Oh, shit…. either way it worries me…