I’m Not Dead Yet!

Reduction. Despite the 8 YR old being worried I would die during my surgery I survived and I’m still alive! I’m a tough old bird!! The surgery itself lasted 2 1/2 HRS and I didn’t have to stay overnight afterall as I was doing so well and they let me come home 6 HRS later! I hardly bled much so they didn’t even put any drains in and I go back for a check up next week. I had to wear compression stockings on my legs during surgery and for the next 2 days to prevent blood clots and the things are soooo tight I had to really wrestle to get them on, it was like trying to suck an orange thru a garden hose! They go up to my thighs and are white and remind me of those Japanese Anime characters! The anestheiologist was a woman which I’ve never had before but she was nice and she had a hard time inserting the IV as they always do and had to try a few times but luckily put freezing in first so I never felt it.

I can’t tell exactly how small my boobs are yet though as they’re still all wrapped up in gauze and bandages so I don’t know if they’re as small as I wanted them or not, plus I also have to wait for the swelling to go down to know the final size as well. I have lots of stitches but even so it hurts less than previous surgeries because this time the pain control is much better: all the other times all they ever gave me was lousy Tylenol but this time around I got morphine pills which really makes a difference! It hurts more today than it did yesterday, likely since the IV meds wore off and I’m up and around more. I can’t bend down though and it hurts the most when I change positions from laying down to standing up and I had to lay on my back all night to sleep( I normally sleep on my stomach) and didn’t change position all night so now my back hurts and I’m all stiff and sore as well. Some of my stitches will dissolve but others the doctor has to remove next week.

It was a Catholic hospital I was at as well and they had Crucifixes and Jesus plaques all over in every room(Yay, Jesus!) which reminded me of home and I found very comforting. I also figured if something did go wrong and I died at least I was in a good place! I had gone 19 HRS without eating but once I was in recovery the nurse brought me a nice big fat ham and cheese sandwich and digestive cookies which I devoured. I was so famished even hospital food tasted good! So now I rest and from what I remember when I had it done before it takes about 2 weeks before I somewhat recover (and a few days before the real pain gets better but a bit better each day) and longer for a full recovery.