Surgery Update.

Surgery(new) Today I’m able to finally have a bath and wash my itchy chest and get rid of the dried caked blood and bloody bandages and change fresh gauze which felt sooo good! It’s itching now too which is also a sign of healing and surprising: no bruising, or at least not yet,and the stitches go all the way under both boobs, all around both nipples,and down from the middle of the nipple to the bottom yet my gallbladder surgery was alot more painful and I’m pleasantly surprised this pain is moderate in comparison. The surgeon also said he took 300 grams off and I’m not sure if he meant from EACH boob or in total( as I was all drugged up) but they DO look and feel smaller but I still can’t get a really good look yet until all the bandages are off. I’m going longer in-between pain meds now as well, it was every 4 HRS and now it’s every 5 HRS or so so it’s going longer in-between.

I can also see 4 puncture marks on my arm where they tried to get the IV in and my throat is still hoarse from the breathing tube,and before the surgery the surgeon came in and measured my big melons and drew on them with black marker and it reminded me of “cut here”, “cut along dotted lines”, “connect the dots” and “paint by numbers” and when I first arrived they’d said they were sending me for blood work as well and I was afraid it might show my potassium level was back down low again and the surgery would be cancelled but then they said there was another note attached saying the order had been cancelled…thank God….as I had just had blood taken 4 days before….whew….that was a close one..and when I was waking up in the recovery room I also heard a nurse saying I had high BP at times during the surgery(but everything went fine otherwise) and I’m eager for when everything’s all healed up and I can see the final result!

My numb-nuts family doc also called and wants to see me regarding my blood work and low potassium so hopefully he’ll finally switch my diuretic to one that doesn’t absorb potassium although he’s so useless and dumb I doubt he’d have any idea which one so I asked a pharmacist friend of mine to give me her recommendations that I can suggest to him, and the 8 YR old had his first Confession and he was really nervous at first because he THOUGHT he had to do it in front of everyone with a microphone, he was confusing it with the opening prayer he has to give at the First Communion in front of everyone, and the hospital called us a WEEK later and told us the 13 YR old DOES have a “hairline fracture” in her hand afterall, but it doesn’t need a cast and will just heal up on it’s own, so I guess it was overlooked at the initial X-ray reading and then when the radiologist finally got around to it they noticed…..this place is soooo half-assed, I swear!