Dipshit I saw “Dr. Dipshit” who was concerned about my low potassium on the last blood test he ran on me( which was way back in DECEMBER, boy, is he really up on things!) and my elevated liver enzymes. When I told him I almost missed my surgery due to it and stopped the diuretic and increased my potassium intake and was successfully able to double my potassium levels he then said just to keep it up….except I still need the diuretic as when I was off it I swelled up like a blow fish (plus I need it for my high BP) and I gained 8 pounds in a week( of fluid) and I told him I wanted him to just switch me over to a diuretic that doesn’t absorb potassium(and then I won’t even need the potassium supplement) and I gave him a list of 4 meds a pharmacist friend recommended and the dumb-ass said they DO absorb potassium and I told him they don’t, and then he said he’s not comfortable with prescribing 3 of them but DID write me a prescription for the other so I’ll have to see later today when I pick up the order at the pharmacy if he screwed up or not like he usually does….

He also said my BP was low ( it was 110 over something) and asked if I’d lost weight and noticed I’m tanned and asked where I’ve been and I said, “My backyard” and he said, “I thought you said you were going away?” and I told him,”That was in October!” and he still had his calender on March,too, even though we’re now already into the middle of April! He said he’s referring me to a gastroenterologist as well for my elevated liver enzymes and said my bile duct is enlarged as well and they’ll follow up on that, and that it was likely a complication from my gallbladder surgery 2 YRS ago.My belly is still also really swollen with fluid and I’m hoping the new diuretic will eliminate it.He also had some grey hair this time looking older than I thought so maybe he’s not as young as I originally thought but he’s still dumb but I guess that’s why he works here in “Bumble-F*ck””; no one else would hire him!

My stitches are even more itchy now as well and I have a hot bath to soothe the itch and when I said “My stitches itches” the 20 YR old added, “Like sons of bitches!” and at times my boobs tingle like the “let-down” reflex you get while breastfeeding and I was finally able to sleep on my side(instead of on my back) so I got a better sleep and now it only hurts when I change position( get up from sitting or laying down,for example) but still not bad enough to need pain killers but the bruising is getting worse.