I Want!

HippoLatchHooking I want to get this hippo latch hooking set so badly! I used to do it YRS ago and would like to start taking it up again. I remember making a pony rug for my first baby 26 YRS ago and think it would be cool to make a hippo rug for my own bedroom now. Of course we no longer have the rug I made for him as it( among most other things we had) was lost in the fire 19 YRS ago but I do have photos of it. I flipped when I saw the price for this hippo kit though: over 75$! Maybe I can get a similar or smaller one elsewhere for  a better price? It would be a nice summer project for me I think as I sit outside.

Buddy was also a bad boy yesterday: twice he brought me a dead mouse in the yard he was carrying in his mouth( yeeech!) I then ended up tossing over the fence and then he escaped off the front porch and ran down the driveway so from now on he can only run free in the backyard(which is fenced in) and while at the front will have to stay on the leash. The roofer also came back to do some small jobs the insurance guy was picky about and he saw me out tanning and said HE loves sitting out in the sun too and how it’s good for you and good for aches and pains…I was thinking, “My soul mate!” and could just imagine the two of us laying on some tropical beach together in the sun, ha, ha!

My stitches are standing up now as well and poke thru my shirt like little hairs and some are starting to fall out now too and I find them in my sportsbra and now I find myself looking at other people’s boobs now,too,and noticing their sizes and thinking to myself, “Oh, boy, that one could use a reduction,too!” and the 11 YR old hearing me tell the 17 YR old he was my fave. child of the day( because he put my A/C in my bedroom window for me) she said, “You’re not supposed to have favourites!” but everyone KNOWS that ALL parents DO; you can’t help it, it’s just human nature,but it can also change from day to day as well, and I’m really mad to find out that the 4 teens won’t be going to the 8 YR old’s First Communion next Sunday as they have a Cadets activity instead even though church is more important than Cadets and GOD comes FIRST,and besides, this is really important and a once-in-a-lifetime event and the entire family should be there! I think it’s really mean and they have their priorities out of whack and his feelings are really going to be hurt, esp. since everyone always went to everyone else’s.I said to just cancel the Cadets activity but they won’t.