Yard Work.

Buddy55 Yesterday was a day of yard work and spring cleaning. I also took these 2 adorable outdoor photos of Buddy, of him in the backyard on the grass and him on the porch swing. The 11 YR old took the photo on the bottom of him in the blanket. I also worked on my tan. I have this huge gross bruise on my right boob as well that’s a gruesome deep purple, blue,and black and that’s really the only sore spot but of course also the spot the 11 YR old accidently elbowed me and it hurt like hell! My left leg really hurts for some reason,too( low potassium again? It affects muscles) so much so I can hardly even move it or walk and I limp along…It feels like it’s coming apart where it attaches at the hip joint!

Buddy56 We also took these psychological tests and the 18 YR old and I scored low on the narcism one but my hubby scored REALLY high( I always knew he was an arrogant S.O.B that thinks too much of himself) as did the oldest, the 20 YR old and the 8 YR old,and the 17 and 18 YR olds scored positive for the autism spectrum and I’m not surprised about her( as I have noticed the traits; since I have Asperger’s myself I can pick it up in others as well) but I AM surprised about him, and the 20 YR old jeers and laughs at us and calls us “retards” but he never took it himself, likely fearful of the result! I also scored VERY high on the autism, depression,and anxiety tests which was to be expected and the 20 YR old scored high on the mania test.

Buddy58 The 8 YR old also told me that Buddy’s the only one that misses me when I go out( at least *someone* does!) and now he’s all stinky from rolling around in the grass even though he just had a bath a few days ago,and I heard on the news the actor that was in “Anne of Green Gables” died of a brain hemmorage and he was 48….just like me. When I hear about people my age dying it freaks me out and makes me feel old, esp. when there WAS a time I used to read birth notices in the paper to see if there’s anyone I know but now I read the death notices to see if there’s anyone I know. Getting old really sucks and it changes your perspective on life,too.