Post-Surgical Check-Up.

StitchesRemoval I saw the surgeon for my first Post-Op check-up( I have 2 more, another in 2 more weeks and then one 6 weeks Post-Op once the swelling is down and the tissues have settled) I had most of the stitches removed(and get the rest done at my next app’t). He removed the ones all around my nipples, and underneath my boobs and along the side, just leaving the ones that go down the middle. At first the resident tried her hand at it and said it “might ‘pinch'”…but it did alot more than “pinch” it frickin’ HURT!(don’t forget though it’s just been a week too and the incisions are still tender!) she used a huge pair of tweezers and scissors to snip them off, one by one. Since she was snipping(what I thought felt like anyway) was too close to the skin and prolonging my suffering the doctor took over and he was more skilled, quicker, and more efficient as he’s had alot more practice. It still did hurt but it was over faster. When I asked him why he used stitches that had to be removed as opposed to ones that just dissolve on their own( I also have dissolvable ones on the inside layers underneath) he said they leave smaller scars.

He didn’t think I have an infection though since I don’t have a fever and there was no discharge/pus and thinks it’s just red and sore from being irritated from rubbing against my bra and the gauze padding I have in there but told me to keep an eye on it though and if it gets redder, hurts more,and esp. if I DO develop a fever or discharge to call him right away. Both he and the nurse also commented I was “really suntanned” and asked where I’ve been and then the nurse washed me all off once he was done with a disinfectant and put “Steri-Strips” on and re-packaged the gauze. I felt like I was being Duct-taped back together again and once I got home I joked to the kids they took too many stitches off too soon and my boobs fell off and they had to Duct-tape them back on again!

On the way home we stopped off and ate at Swiss Chalet and I tried their new Chicken Parmesan which was good and at Wal-Mart so I could buy a new bra in my new smaller size. I got a 3-pack of stretchy cotton aerobic bras( 1 white, 1 black, and 1 grey) in size 34 but I couldn’t try them on as they don’t let you try on bras and also because they were all attached together but when I got home and put one on it was still too small(but I’m just going to have to stuff my boobs in there anyway, no use in wasting 15$) so they’re really NOT that small afterall since they’re obviously at least a size 36, and I was hoping for a size 32! They even look “cone-shaped” now too, and are pointed like triangles. I got Buddy a textured rubber bone while I was out,too,and he really seems to like it!

The 20 YR old started his first day at his new job as well. It’s at a cold storage place that processes raw and frozen meat. His task for the day was to “skin” a pig carcass and he said he was wearing a suit and mask like a hazmat suit and he also had to cut off and dispose of the “yucky” parts of the pig that no one would eat such as the snout, the lips, the anus, etc. and he said the entire front of his outfit was drenched red  with blood and the floor had puddles of blood all over.Ugh! Just the thought of it makes my stomach turn and the smell would just make me sick. I also hope he doesn’t catch a disease like E-Coli or Listeria or something from handling raw meat!