I Remember….

Remember(new) I REMEMBER:

-“Fishing” for change out of the phone booth when I was a kid.

– Catching frogs in the pond at camp as a kid.

– My friend G taking me for rides on his motorcycle in August of 1988. I would hop on the back and we would roar off into the night. It was so exciting and even now every time I see a motorcycle I still think of him.

– S in Jr.High “mooning” me at camp.

– My best friend and I taking the streetcar downtown dressed as hippies.

– Being in the back of my uncle’s Station Wagon as a kid and making faces at the drivers in the cars behind us.

– Going to Centre Island and bringing my pet gerbils with me in a plastic lunch box with holes poked in it for breathing.

– Flinging the swings up over the poles at the park.

– Moving into our first house when I was 12.

– Putting “Sun-In” in my hair as a teen and having it turn all “brassy.”

– Watching music videos on MTV in the 80’s.

– Dancing around my living room listening to Beatles songs.

– Taking my “Boom-Box” to the beach.

– Losing my zebra toy when I was in Kindergarten.

– When my friend T was hit by a car and broke her arm.

– Getting scratches all over my arms from picking lilacs.

– My cousin showing me how he got his cat to “stick” to the wall.

– Getting my highschool yearbooks signed.

– Jumping off the garage roof trying to fly.

– My raspberry lip balm I took to science camp.

– When I had long hair and my friend French braided it for me.

– Doing “Ass-Crackers” off the diving board at camp.

– Watching the fireworks at Parliament Hill.

– All the fun I had with my friends at the YMCA group.

– Digging clay out of the creek behind the cottage.

– Short-sheeting my mother’s bed for a joke.

– Washing my hair in the rain.

– Summer concerts at the CNE grandstand in the 70’s.

– My cousin’s red Corvette Stingray.

– Riding horses bareback.

– The Icelandic sweaters my grandmother knit for me.

– Borrowing my friends’ bikes and skateboards as a kid because I never had my own as my mother thought they were too dangerous.

– Holding my newborns for the first time.

– Waking up from surgery and not remembering where I was.

– The worst thing I ever did: used the $$$$ collected for UNICEF as a kid to buy candy and still feeling badly about it even after all these YRS even though I did pay it back.

– Getting 100% on a science test and everyone accused me of cheating but I didn’t.

– My light blue mohair vest.

– Life in the city, I still miss.

– My first dog.

– Making a “milk” formula for my dolls’ bottles mixing baby powder and water.

– The “Caravan” multicultural festival.

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