The Room Make-Over.

DoorPaint The 17 YR old, 16 YR old, and 13 YR olds painted their bedroom doors white and the 12 YR old also cleaned her room and the 13 YR old’s rooms. The 13 YR old is also going to redecorate her room in the fall when the 19 YR old moves out for university and she has the room all to herself. The 12 YR old also gave her room a make-over when she cleaned it and I don’t even recognize it, not only because it’s clean now but it doesn’t even look like her room anymore: she got rid of the Strawberry Shortcake wall decals, the Strawberry Shortcake, Zhu Zhu Pets,and My Little Pony posters as well! All the cute “girl” things that personalized her bedroom and made it hers are all gone now and it’s sad. I know it’s just a sign that she’s growing up but that’s sad too because now she’s into puberty it feels like I’ve “lost” her,too, as she’s now become so sullen, moody, distant, mouthy,irritable, defiant and mean. We used to be so close but now she yells that she hates me and doesn’t like me anymore and she avoids me now and it breaks my heart. She wants nothing to do with me anymore and now there’s a distance between us and she used to love me and it really hurts.

I also saw 7 squirrels chasing eachother over the fence and up and down our tree and it reminded me of kids playing Tag so I wonder if they’re siblings; litter-mates, playing, the whole town smells like shit( so now the smell matches what it is: a shit hole) and a neighbour told us he thinks a farmer must have put manure on his fields and when the wind blows it wafts thru the entire town,and it’s sooooo disgusting it makes me gag, a wasp stung the 20 YR old when he was asleep and it woke him up, and a friend of his died( she was 21) of an alcohol overdose as well but he’s not sure if it was accidental or a suicide. That’s just so sad. The 13 YR old also said her being homeschooled she always learns everything 2 YRS before her friends in the public schools do.

It’s Prom season in the schools now too and it’s something I missed out on and have always regretted but I never had a highschool sweetheart so I wasn’t able to go; only the pretty popular kids got to go and even though I liked boys they never liked me back as guys aren’t ever interested in ugly girls but I’ve always wondered what it would be like as it sounds so formal, fancy,and romantic, and I like the idea of having my hair done, wearing a pretty gown, taking a limo,etc. it sounds like it would be a very memorable event!  I also just missed crossing paths with the crazy redneck who threatened to kill me last week; it was a close call: Buddy and I were just finishing our walk and were on the grass at the side of our house when he walked past the front of our house to the corner store (but I don’t think he saw us) but had we left a couple of minutes earlier we would have walked right by his house and ran into him! I also went inside so he wouldn’t know where we lived! Boy, was that ever a close one! It was scary!

Buddy’s Weird Day.

Buddy22 Buddy had a weird day. First of all he spent half the night last night hiding under my bed and I wondered if we were maybe getting a storm; if he heard or sensed something that I didn’t, but we never did. Around 2 am he finally came back up to bed but I never did find out what it was that scared him( he hides under the bed when he’s scared,and he’s done it before when he’s heard thunder or fireworks). Then later on he had this really gross shit that he decided to do right under a thorn bush so I had “fun” trying to pick it up with the little baggie without getting prickled by the thorns and then he had this big “fudge smudge” so I had to lift up his tail and wipe his ass with a leaf (which the neighbours across the street were killing themselves laughing as they watched)so he wouldn’t be rubbing shit all over the carpet and furniture(or on ME when he sits on my lap or comes in my bed!). Later on he also got hit with a door closing on him, wasn’t looking where he was going( he was looking at another dog) during his walk and walked right into a pole,and he got bit by a mosquito again,too!

Poor old boy.

For her birthday yesterday the 16 YR old also got an ice cream cake with a “Dr. Who” design on it, a gold necklace with a “16” charm and a framed collection of photos of every YR from her birth up to the present.Her and her best friend were going to go shopping at the mall as well but her friend had to babysit instead. Now she’s thinking for university soon that she wants to be a historian for her profession,and the 13 YR old and her friends went to this little dinky mini fair in town where they only have something like 6 rides but charge you 25$ for an all-you-can-ride pass which I told her is a rip-off and a waste of $$$$ and she’d be better off spending it elsewhere but of course she didn’t listen to me.

Cadets Annual.

Cadets Cadets ended for another YR with the Annual Parade. Parents and other family members were invited to watch the ceremony. Cadets were honoured and promoted and graduated. The 19 YR old was mentioned as she graduated, having spent the past 8 YRS there, ever since she was 12 and they gave her a pen set. The now 16 YR old( her birthday’s today!) was awarded the distinction of Most Valuable Cadet Of The YR(she got a plaque) and the 17 YR old’s model airplane received an honourable mention. They marched, had their parade, people gave boring speeches,and there was food. Cadets goes back again in September when school goes back.

The 12 and 13 YR olds also found some “Tang” at the store and bought it, and it reminded me of when I was a kid; my grandmother used to have it for me when I would go over to visit her. It’s been YRS since I’ve seen it and I didn’t even know it was still around. I used to like the orange and cherry Kool-Aid,too. My incision has also finally healed at last and surprisingly there isn’t a big wide fat scar like I was expecting even though it had opened up; it has healed up nicely and you’d never know the difference!

The Ice Pack.

Icepack I found another use for the frozen ice pack: as well as using it to keep meat or cheese sandwiches or pop cold in lunches or to lessen swelling and bruising on bumped heads following an injury I now also use it to help cool me down when I’m sweltering getting my suntan! It can get up to 30 C (or hotter) with the humidex or even just the temperature and I’m out there sweating like a hippo( I would say sweating like a pig but in actual fact pigs don’t sweat) so bad that my hair is soaking wet so I came up with the novel idea of using the ice pack we always keep in the freezer! I shove it down my top, or under my neck, or rub it across my forehead, or put it on the sides or top of my head, or lay it on my belly,etc…. to cool me down a bit. I don’t want to spray water on as it’ll wash off my oil, and I also have a fan blowing a breeze for relief(and always make sure I have lots of drink to keep hydrated) as it gets really roasting hot out there and even though I like the warm sun I don’t want to get heatstroke,either,and when it gets *really* hot I can get REALLY uncomfortable out there!

As well, my left arm feels numb and tingling on and off and I have an on and off sharp pain just off the middle of my chest just on to the right side I wonder might be my heart( which is actually situated in the middle of your chest, not on the left side like most people think) and a neighbour told me that the police were over at the crazy rednecks’ house yesterday, a week after the incident with Buddy and I, so was it about that or something else( and with losers like that I wouldn’t be surprised; they’re probably always in trouble!) and she said they always take a few days to respond to a call unless it’s an emergency and when someone was prowling around her house and even peeked into her window and she called 9-1-1 it took them a few days to respond and then after all that they didn’t even come to the right house! She said the cops here are useless, just like everything else. Patti also said her son misses Buddy but he can still come over and visit him; just let me know and I’ll bring him over to her house.

Cadets had their graduation last night,too, and in September the 12 YR old can join as well, when I was sitting out the back I saw peach blossoms from the neighbour’s tree go blowing by,and Buddy sneezes alot,too, so he has allergies like I do as well, the 20 YR old is learning how to play guitar now,too, and the 17 YR old wore these rainbow striped socks and his jiu-jitsu teacher remarked that they were “fruity”, meaning gay, but you’re not “allowed” to say “gay” anymore or the Politically Correct Police will brand you a “homophobe” or a “bigot” and you might even be arrested for a “hate crime.”