Confirmation Day!

Confirmation(new) Yesterday the 12 and 13 YR olds had their Confirmation! I was more excited about it than they were; they were just like, “Yeah, whatever….” and complained they looked “retarded” in their “ugly” dresses when in actual fact they looked pretty and the dresses are nice! There were 43 kids being Confirmed and I prayed as they received the gift of the Holy Spirit that they would keep their faith thru their lifetimes and that it would guide them as they go into highschool,help them stay strong and avoid bad influences, and that they would have the wisdom to distinguish truth from falsehood.

31May2015 Here they are in their dresses, with their faces edited out for privacy. They also had to wear white gowns over and the sashes that they made. The Archbishop Confirmed them, the very same who Confirmed ME all those YRS ago, only he was the Bishop back then! The 13 YR old read a prayer and the 12 YR old was supposed to but never did; we don’t know what happened if they changed the program or what but she got “bumped” or something because she never ended up doing it.The 17 and 19 YR olds were also their sponsors.

Moi(new) This is what I wore, the same fancy dress with the ruffles that I wore to my hubby’s brother’s wedding.(they’ve since split up) I also had to wear my “Spanx” girdle to hold all my wobbly bits in but it was so tight I could hardly breathe!It fit much better now my boobs are smaller,too! I also wore the little sweater to cover up more as it exposed too much shoulder and back for church, and my sparkly golden flat shoes. It was COLD,too, just 10 C and raining so I had to also wear a sweater! Afterwards they had a little reception in the Parish Centre with cake and juice.It was a good day!

I also had to walk Buddy only part-way as one of the crazy rednecks that threatened to kill me was out with her dog so we went the other way to avoid her, and the 12 and 20 YR olds were talking to their friend on Skype and to be mean and embarrass me the 12 YR old turned the Webcam around so she could see me and then the 20 YR old cackled(about me) “Doesn’t she look like a MAN?” and then she laughed. It was also the 19 YR old’s last day playing piano at church during Mass as they break for summer and then she’s off at university and they thanked her publically and gave her a gift: a Crucifix for her dorm wall, which was nice and thoughtful.

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