“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupJune2015 Catching up on things:

– Buddy was whining, sniffing,and scratching at a mouse behind the bookcase and then he suddenly yelped and jumped back and ran over to me for comfort, for hugs and kisses, so I think when he poked his nose in there the mouse must have bit him!

– My hubby says my boobs(now they’re smaller) are just the right size and fit perfectly into his hand. I also don’t have “boob sweat” any more now now,either!

– I saw in a fashion mag that grey hair is trendy for this spring so I’m right in fashion!

– I went back to my old diuretic as the new one wasn’t working and since I switched back I lost 3 pounds already!

– The neighbours behind us had a fire and I wonder what caused it? I wonder if it was electrical like ours was?

– When I was walking Buddy 3 women passed by me and I overheard one say about me, “I want HER tan!”

– Neighbours were blasting redneck country music outside while I was out in the backyard getting a suntan and I just wanted to cut my ears off. I wish I had ear plugs.

– Now the 12 YR old’s fave. saying is, “I’m NOT a baby!”

– The 20 YR old says he wants to go to the legion and play darts. Oh, that’s just “great”, how much more white trash and redneck can you GET? Playing darts with the old drunken war vets.

– Every now and then while sitting outside I get the smell of honeysuckle come wafting by in the breeze.

– Buddy caught a bird and the 13 YR old saw it in his mouth! He also goes after the chipmunks but Dachshunds were bred as hunters! I don’t like it though and I scold him.

– The 16 YR old was one of the winners in a publishing company’s young writers contest and will have her short story published in an upcoming book!

– I had a dream I died( in a bomb blast!) and went to Heaven and they were playing a Pink Floyd song and I thought to myself, “Pink Floyd? This isn’t exactly the music I’d expected in Heaven but maybe everyone individually hears the music that they like, so that means I should be hearing Reggae any time soon….” and then when I woke up they really WERE playing a Pink Floyd song on the radio so I was hearing it in my sleep!

– I had another dream I’d died and I wasn’t sure and wondered, “Am I dead?” but realized I was once I could see thru my body and I realized I’ve been having alot of dreams lately that I die so I wonder if it means I really AM going to die before I’m 50 like I’ve always thought and it’s indicating the time is near?