Clovers I love summer. I love everything about it( except for wasps and mosquitoes!) I love the long, hot, lazy, hazy days of summer. I love the smell of clovers, fresh cut grass, and wildflowers, the sounds of crickets and birds, laying on my back and looking up at the clouds or gazing up at the stars, swimming, laying out in the sun, lazing on the porch swing, outdoor concerts, BBQ’s, wearing flip-flops, suntanning, the smell of coconut oil, being barefoot, painted toenails, watermelon, flowers, my garden, ice cream, sunglasses, The “Ex”, being outside, thunderstorms, the beach, picnics, etc. With all the shit in my life I often wonder if I “deserve” to be happy but summer reminds me that I do.

As well, I heard on the radio that Def Leppard  is coming to Toronto next month and they’re the last band I want to see in concert I have left on my “Bucket List” so I got tickets! Eeeeee! My hubby groused ,”100$ a ticket?(and that’s the cheaper seats) What a rip-off!” but I said, “Well, how much are redneck HOCKEY tickets? You’d go see THAT……” and he shut up! I also have a bad migraine which I haven’t had in a long time as my meds have virtually eliminated them but a few times a YR I still have a few that break thru and this is one of those times and nothing is getting rid of it, not even my “migraine busting” pill, and now the 17 YR old is learning guitar as well as the 13 and 20 YR olds,too!

I also saw the crazy redneck’s crazy dog again only someone else was walking it this time and she was ok and kept telling it to shut up( when it saw Buddy it went berserk again, barking like crazy) and another neighbour in his driveway came out (hearing it barking)and asked me if everything was ok, esp. given what happened last time and I said it was, and I’ve never even seen him before but I guess around here news travels fast so everyone knows, but they’re all on my side and it seems all the neighbours are looking “out” for me now in case the crazy rednecks threaten me again, and Patti said she really likes my new hair and it looks “elegant” and with my tan I “look like a Negro” ( the 17 and 20 YR olds say the same thing,too, only using a not-so-nice word) and she said she saw the Rolling Stones in concert in 1970 too which is so cool! The 13 YR old’s BFF’s mother is also taking them to a salon for their grade 8 graduation to get their hair done as well as manicures and pedicures which is also combined for her birthday gift and she’s so excited she can hardly wait!