It’s Raining Men!

Paratroopers I had this funny dream last night that 4 paratroopers jumped out of a plane over our house and landed in our back yard and I yelled to the girls in the house, “It’s raining men!” “They’re just falling from Heaven!” and then aloud to God, “THANK you, God!” and the 12, 13, and 16 YR olds came running out of the house shrieking, “I’m going to catch one!” Once they landed we were joyously dancing around in celebration yelling, “Opa!” and the paratroopers were on a “survival” mission and had to eat whatever they could find in the grass and one guy ate a dog turd and his face went red! It was so weird and I wonder what it meant? Dreams can be so strange!

As well, it’s now day 2 for my headache and I’ve tried *everything* but NOTHING works and it’s godawfulasf*ck and I ran out of pills,too, my hubby wasn’t able to pick up the 20 YR old at work as all the streets were blocked off and I thought that it was a police blockade; that it was in lockdown or something due to a gunman on the loose or someone had taken hostages or something but it turned out it wasn’t anything as “exciting” as that; they’d just closed the roads for some dumb  marathon and he wasn’t able to get thru.A FB friend of mine in Singapore says her family treats her like crap just like mine does to me and she wants to move and the idea occurred to me that we could “swap”; “trade” lives and she’d move here and I’d move there. I wonder if it could really work?

I’ve also been thinking alot about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner lately for some reason even though I don’t believe in all that trans-gender stuff( you should be the gender that God made you) and when you really think about it, it’s all phony and plastic anyway,and if I was rich like he is and had hundreds of thousands of $$$$ to afford the top plastic surgeons *I* could probably look pretty,too. I don’t “go” for the whole changing gender thing but I do admire how he’s transformed himself from someone that he didn’t like into a whole new creation, that he’s “reborn” and reinvented himself into this entirely new glamorous person that he loves .I wish I could do that.

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