Opa My mother  and I went to an outdoor Greek festival. We were there for 3 HRS. We had souvlaki, moussaka, anda dessert like donut holes covered in honey and sprinkled in cinnamin. I was short a dollar so she gave it to me and then said I had to pay her back…..for a lousy dollar… she couldn’t even just have covered it to be nice; she’s so cheap! We also listened to live Greek music and watched Greek dancing. It reminded me of when we were in Greece, which was one of my fave, places that I’ve been to. I wouldn’t mind being Greek myself( and I had alot of Greek friends in school) and wish I was from anywhere exotic,actually, somewhere interesting with alot of culture and history, instead of a boring redneck country like this. The person sitting next to me watching the dancing was a real redneck as well: she wore a ball cap with a beer logo on it, was drinking beer and was drunk( she even got up and started dancing WITH the dancers, making an ass of herself) and had a big black eye; I bet her boyfriend or husband probably gave her.

While we were at the festival, the 8, 12,and 13 YR olds were at an “Open House” thing at a camp where they had archery, tight-rope walking(yes, with a harness!), canoeing, rock climbing,etc. and later on the 13 YR old also went swimming with a few of her friends. The 12 YR old also asked me if I’m insane and I replied, “moderately” and now for a joke I say, “It’s because I’m Black, isn’t it?” and 3 times a day for the past 3 weeks I’ve been giving my mother 3 sets of eyedrops and I’ve done it perfectly right except for maybe 3 times and those times I missed she shrieked, “You missed! Stop wasting it!” so I said, “Do you want to do it YOURSELF then if you don’t like the way I do it and think you can do it better?” then she whines ,”Should I just tell the doctor to not go ahead with surgery on my other eye then if it’s too much trouble?” why does she have to always be like that?

Another neighbour also asked me if I’ve had any more encounters with the crazy rednecks who threatened to kill me and she said SHE’S called the police on the rooming house where they live a few times and so have several other neighbours and that it’s a “disgrace to the neighbourhood” and that “low-lifes live there” and the owner is a “slum lord” and she wishes it just gets torn down as it affects everyone in the neighbourhood. I also saw the psychos 2 times yesterday outside the front of their house so walking Buddy we had to just go another way to avoid them as there’s no use in “asking” for trouble if I know they’re out there, even though it still makes me feel like I did in school, trying to avoid the bullies and I hate it that I’m still that person. I’m 48 YRS old and I still have to avoid bullies.