A Surprise In Every Box.

Mouse When the 12 YR old reached into the box of cereal and looked in she found quite the surprise: 2 MICE! She let out this blood curdling scream so loud you could even hear it upstairs and then followed quickly by another one saying, “They’re ALIVE!!!” so she threw them AND the entire box of cereal( they could have shit in there, afterall) outside in the garbage can! We have had the field mice coming into the house into the kitchen in the cupboards and that’s where we keep the boxes of cereal and the kids always leave them open and never fold them down and close them like they’re told to…I know sometimes you’re supposed to get a surprise in every box but really!

The 12 YR old also calls Buddy “L.D”, short for “Little Dachshund” and her friend calls him a “Magical Wishing Dog” as she wished one of her friends got a cute dog….and we got Buddy,and *I* wished for a dog as well….and we got Buddy! I love how he snuggles up beside me in bed at night or on the couch when I watch TV,too; I love feeling his little body next to mine, and it seems now the entire neighbourhood knows the crazy rednecks threatened to kill us but it’s nice to know that they’re all on OUR side though,too,and that they’re all looking out for us!

Yesterday in church as the priest was droning on and on with his Homily I let my mind wander and I was thinking about my “crush” and I bet he’s happily married and I imagined him taking his wife on a vacation and then I got really jealous and mad and so I sat there in church thinking my evil thoughts(and I couldn’t even go to Confession either as it wasn’t the priest I like but the other one who makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable always asking everyone if they watch porn) and the 12 YR old asked me something and I was lost in thought and loudly blurted out, “WHAAAT?” and it came out really loud, louder than I thought, or wanted, it to be and it echoed loudly and I was so embarrassed.

I’m a hopeless case.

The 12 YR old also had a friend over, the 13 YR old went over to a friend’s house,and the 16 YR old had 2 friends over. The 19 YR old had a piano recital as well and still dressed in her usual Goth fashion( she can’t even dress appropriately for her own recital) and she looked like something from the Addams family; I can’t believe she went to her recital dressed like that!There was a girl there from our old church too and she’s a teen now and the last time I saw her she was just a kid,and the 12 YR old’s friend has bigger boobs than I do now,too, and I can really see the difference now since my surgery; they ARE way smaller and my clothes fit! Yay!