Orgasmic Danish.

NutellaDanish This is a Nutella danish. It is only the BEST pastry EVER. I just want to get naked and make love to it. They should re-name it the “Orgasmic Danish.” With each bite you just go, “Mmmmmmm!” “Aaaahhhh”, “Ooooohhhh!” and groan and moan with sheer pleasure. It’s better than sex. I could eat the entire box of them. Oh, my God, they’re just the most delicious thing I think I have ever tasted. Pure pastry Heaven!  I also smelled a strong smell, like nail polish, on the 3rd floor, mainly coming from the 12 YR old’s room, just like before our fire, which the fire chief later told me was the rubber insulation coating on the wires burning so I suspect it might be that extension cord in her bedroom that gave me a shock before(and she said when she plugged her iPod in it made a buzzing sound and it didn’t recharge) and both she and the 20 YR old said they noticed the smell,too( my hubby dismissed it though as he never takes anything *I* say seriously) so I took the cord out and threw it away. I’m just glad that I recognized it for what it was as last time I didn’t know what it was. I can’t even imagine having ANOTHER fire and going thru that nightmare ever again!! We later discovered the REAL cause of the strong chemical smell: a rotten orange on a chair beside the 12 YR old’s bed! It even had white and green fuzz on it! Yeeeeccchh!

As well, I was disappointed eating Chinese dumplings expecting the usual pork or chicken filling….and it ended up to be yucky cabbage and tofu; it’s like thinking you’re getting chocolate and you end up with a turd,talk about disappointment, Buddy knows when I’m mad at him as I yell at him in German ( his native language as he’s a Dachshund and Dachshunds are from Germany, get it?) and I also found out that my mother helps my hubby in siphoning off 20$ from my “allowance” every week ( he takes it from me as a “punishment” for being happy as whenever something makes me happy he always has to try and ruin it) as she keeps track of how much it’s adding up to and she said I “owe” it to him( because I “defied” him getting a dog anyway when he didn’t want one, as if I have to “obey” him, and this is my “punishment” for disobedience.)I feel so betrayed.They always gang up on me and then they wonder why I feel like an outcast in my own family and don’t much like life.

It’s kind of weird as well that I know more about my hubby’s family than HE does, such as his brother and his wife split up, his nephew’s father died, etc. as I’m in touch with them on Facebook, one of the 12 and 13 YR old’s online friends had been being mean to them too calling them names like “ugly bitch” and calling them the “F Word” etc. and I said “It’s strange that she’d all of a sudden just be like that….” and it turns out she wasn’t; her account was hacked by a so-called ex “friend” and she’s been harrassing all of her friends in the same way! I also saw the crazy rednecks again while I was out walking Buddy but when they first saw me they just stood at their door looking out but didn’t come out until they saw I had met up with another neighbour part way on the walk and she and I walked back towards my house together,Buddy and I and her with her 2 Miniature Pinscers, and only then did they venture out, but they went up the other street, so it would appear that they’re avoiding me as well, probably not wanting the police called on them again, and they aren’t stupid enough to cause another incident with someone else WITH me,either, unlike last time when I was by myself.

The other neighbour said she also has a neighbour that likes to smoke pot(she calls it “stink weed”)and she can always smell it from her house and it gives her a headache, and her husband(who’s in the military) has been deployed 9 times and suffers from PTSD. She also said another neighbour who’s in her 80’s has lived in her same house her entire life and I can’t even imagine living in the SAME house in the same town for your whole life. How boring that must be! I’ve lived in 13 different houses( maybe even more; I’ve lost count) in different cities, and there’s a whole big world out there, and it’s sad to think that some people limit themselves to just one place.I’m so restless I think I would die if I couldn’t move around. Maybe there is some “Gypsy” in me,afterall……