The 4 Boyfriends.

4guys The 13 YR old told me that my mother told her that she’d had 4 boyfriends in total and that one of them was cute; a tall, dark, and handsome French guy! I was surprised because she never told me any of that! I’m also surprised because she’s homely too, just like I am, and I only ever had 1 boyfriend! She had more than I ever did! How did she end up with 4? The sad fact is that everyone on her side of the family is fugly. I go for the tall, dark,and handsome types,too; it’s my fave. type, like Middle Eastern guys with their dark wavy hair, tan skin and brown eyes. They make me swoon! Sadly guys have never been attracted to me though and when you’re ugly, have Asperger’s and have nothing to offer, why would they be? I also realized I got ripped off  in the Asperger’s department,too: most people with it also have some “genius” aspect to it as well; like they’re a math genius, have a gift in music, are a chess prodigy, can memorize like a computer, etc. or are super-smart in some area, as if to “make up” for the “curse” of having Asperger’s….but not me….I just have the Asperger’s only without the smart part. I only ever get the shit and not the perks.

When I was walking Buddy at the side of our house I also noticed a bunch of cigarettes in our grass; it was really weird; there were 24 or so of them, as if someone had just dumped them there, and my hubby walked in on me as I was having a bath and he laughed at my tan and goes, “You’re so DARK! You don’t have any Caucasion -ness left!” and I tried the Wendy’s spicy chicken BLT with asiago and it was good but I had this so-called Caribbean rice we got at the grocery store and it was so gross it tasted like FEET! It did NOT taste like Caribbean rice at all and in fact, was an insult to call it Caribbean rice!