Cultural Identity.

BlackWhite This is Rachel Dolezal. She is a white woman who has been pretending that she is black. It started when she attended a mostly all-black college and went from there. She also has adopted siblings who are black, has a degree in African Studies and has a position in the NAACP and champions for black rights. Her parents have “outed” her as white and now there’s this huge outcry that she’s a “fraud” and a “phony” etc. for misrepresenting herself and deceiving people but I really don’t know what the big deal is; I mean, aren’t there some light-skinned black people who try to pass themselves off as white,too? Maybe it’s just the culture that she most identifies with?

If the liberals can accept Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner as a woman then why can’t people accept Rachel Dolezal as black? What’s the difference? What’s “wrong” with being black,anyway,and why is it so inconceivable that a white person would want to BE black?  I know for myself personally that *I* feel most at home and belong in the Caribbean and have the spirit of the Rasta culture,and the 17 and 20 YR olds  think that I’m like her; that I “think” I’m “black” too, when really I just embrace the laid-back Caribbean culture and admire their strong traditional family and religious values(and how they don’t condone and legalize sin like they do here or indoctrinate their kids in school with it like they do here,either) and love their music.Sometimes I wonder if I’m a black person inside a white body.

If Rachel so chooses to surround herself in black culture and be absorbed by it and re-invent herself what harm does it do to anyone?So she sees herself as black. So what? Do what makes you happy, right? She also does lots of good work in defending black people’s civil rights and equality,and alot of people wish they were someone else( me incl.) and some people switch religions, others immigrate to new lands, some switch genders,and well….I guess others want to be another race….

I was born in the wrong country; she was born the wrong colour.