The Milkshake.

ChocMilkshake I’ve been craving a chocolate milkshake for the past 2 weeks or so now so I asked my hubby the next time he goes by McDonald’s or Harvey’s to go in the drive-thru and pick me up one and so he finally got me one but from the local dairy; their dollar special and it tastes like it too( you only get what you pay for!) it’s gross and has no flavour! It doesn’t even taste like chocolate but more like a malted milk; I doubt they even PUT chocolate into it; that’s why I ASKED for McDonald’s or Harvey’s! Then he gets mad at ME and snarls I’m an “ingrate” because I don’t like it,even though it’s NOT what I’d asked for and HE’S the one that got the wrong thing….and besides, what can HE  say when HE’LL only drink Pepsi and if he goes to somewhere and they only have Coke he gets all pissed-off? What’s the difference? Isn’t it the same thing? Whereas me I’ll drink Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi; as long as it’s Diet I don’t care but he’ll only drink Pepsi and if they give him Coke instead he gets all bent out of shape and I asked for a chocolate shake from McDonald’s or Harvey’s, NOT the crappy one from the local dairy! It’s just yet another example too of how we fight over everything and even the smallest thing ends up turning into an argument.

As well, one of the 13 YR old’s friends had a baby 2 weeks ago and her parents are actually PROUD and are going around telling everyone! Typical rednecks, proud their daughter’s a teen mom! If MY daughters had a baby I’d be embarrassed, mad, disappointed, ashamed, and horrified! I’d be glad they didn’t abort/kill the baby but I’d be upset at the situation, not happy and proud, as if it’s an accomplishment! The 20 YR old also stole my watermelon design flip-flops to wear to jiu-jitsu and I couldn’t find them when I went to take Buddy out for a walk and I can only imagine how completely, totally, and utterly gay he must have looked, our back screen door broke and we can’t afford a new one at 500-something $$$$ so my hubby bought this screen mesh thing that hangs in the door way reminding me of an African mosquito net and those Hippie/Gypsy/fortune teller beads hanging in the doorway back in the 60’s! The 20 YR old also hopes to go visit his friend in California next YR but has to get another passport as his old one expired.

The 16 YR old had her dance recital as well and they had the nerve to charge 10 $ admission so all of us couldn’t go at that price, a neighbour’s dog jumped the fence and got hit by a car and lost one of it’s front legs so now it has 3 legs( like a tri-pod!) my fave. priest was finally back so I was able to go to Confession for my lustful thoughts, Buddy slept under my bed again and wouldn’t come out and it took me a good 10 min. of coaxing to get him out in the morning and he’s not quite himself so I hope it doesn’t mean he’s dying or something as it would feel like I lost the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t even bear to think of it,and it was pouring rain at night when it was time for bed and I had to take Buddy out to pee for the night but he refused to go in the rain but I wouldn’t bring him in until he did, not wanting to risk him peeing in the house so we were out there for what seemed like forever( probably in actual reality 20 min.) in the pouring rain before he finally did and we were both soaking drenching wet we looked like drowned rats!