Weed While I was out walking Buddy I saw the 12 YR old’s friend’s parents out on their veranda and heard the mother ask the father, “Is anyone out there?” and he replied(about me) “The neighbour walking her dog” and they just waited…..and then I noticed as soon as I had turned around the corner out of their sight I smelled the strong tell-tale “skunk” smell of weed! It MUST have been them smoking up since no one else was outside; just them and me( and it wasn’t me!) and she was asking if anyone was around so I assume they wanted it private so none of the neighbours(or their kids!) would see and another neighbour who lives just 2 houses down from them told me that she often smells weed and that “One of the neighbours” smokes it….so it makes sense. I would never have taken them to be the type to be pot smokers though and all I could do was laugh my ass off. I have to say I was surprised though; they’re both in the military, and they’re PARENTS, and by all accounts appear at least to be normal respectable people,and they have a nice house,which, I’m told, is immaculate on the inside with shiny hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers, and fancy wallpaper…my mother said lots of people smoke marijuana but I’d have figured Rastafarians, Hippies, “Nature”-types, teens, college kids, people at concerts,and rednecks to  smoke up,but not people like that!(and it wouldn’t be for medicinal reasons or else they wouldn’t have to hide it)I wonder how they’d know where to even get it from though? I, for example, wouldn’t even know the first thing on where to FIND a drug dealer!

It just goes to show that you never know and that people often aren’t what they appear…..

As well, I saw a commercial on TV that said, “We all play for Canada” and I said out loud, “I don’t!” and my allergies have been really bad for the past few days now,too: itchy watery eyes and sniffly nose. Buddy also ran thru the flowers and had pollen all over his back which doesn’t help either,and HE was sneezing and probably has allergies,too!