A Day In The City.

Toronto Today I am going to spend the day in the city before the Rush concert tonight. I love it!  I always love going back to the city as it reminds me of my old life that I miss. I wish I could move back there as I really miss city life but we couldn’t afford to live there any more and if we ever did move back we’d have to rent. I miss the city so much and every time I go back it just invigorates me and I feel like a totally different person. I feel alive,uplifted, inspired, transformed, reborn; like the “old” me and the person I used to be once.

I’m going downtown, parking at the concert venue and then taking the subway( which itself will bring back nostalgic memories) to the Eaton Centre mall, with 4 floors of glorious shopping pleasure! I’m going to stores like Sephora that simply just don’t exist here. I might also go to a salon and have my hair done, and test-drive a SmartCar as it’s on my “Bucket List” to be in one. I’ll also eat in the food court (I think I’ll have Chinese Dim Sum) and browse the high-end stores like Gucci. Today is going to be one of the best days in a long time!! I just hope they don’t have any more shootings in the mall…..

I’ve also had cramps and diarrhrea for a few days and wondered why and then realized it must be my new ice cream even though ice cream, yogurt,and cheese are ok since the fat is removed from the milk during the process but I checked the ingredients and sure enough CREAM was the first ingredient listed, which also means it’s the main ingredient. So THAT’S why! The neighbour down the street’s so redneck as well instead of hanging his flag outside his house on a flagpole like normal people would he has his on a tall aerial ladder! I’ve never seen anything like it!

The 12 and 13 YR olds got their vaccines as well; the 12 YR old got her meningitis which she told them she was getting her “Laryngitis” and the 13 YR old got her booster of pretty well everything and when my hubby saw the needles his face went red and he got all sweaty and grossed-out and had to leave! He’s such a wimp! Patti also told me her only wish is to go to Fiji and if I had the $$$$ I’d take her; we could go on a trip together! Her daughter also gets married in 3 days!

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