Rush Concert.

Rush(new) The Rush concert last night was good! At first I was getting a bit disappointed as they were only playing their new songs and I was hoping for the older songs from the 80’s to bring back nostalgic memories from my teen YRS but then for the second half they did! They played for the entire 3 HRS too and never even had an opening act, which is something I’ve never seen before and I’ve been to alot of concerts! They had *GREAT* special effects,too, such as real fire shooting up out of the stage, pyrotechnics, funky swirling lights over the audience, videos playing, and a fog machine. The guys sitting right behind me were smoking weed as well so I may have even gotten second-hand smoke but I don’t know how I could tell, and I WAS really tired but it could have been since I was up late and way past my bed time! We didn’t get home until 1:30 am and I was dead tired! Near the end my ears popped( like when descending on an airplane) and were ringing at the end and sound sounded really far away but it eventually got better.My hubby was bored though and kept looking at the time and falling asleep! I had to keep elbowing him awake and saying,”Wake UP! Stop disrespecting Rush!”

Before the concert I shopped at the Eaton Centre and I went to a salon and had my hair done. He cut it a bit shorter than I’d wanted but hair grows and it’ll be good for the heat of summer though. When we were going down an escalator and he was going up he yelled over, “Nice hair!” too only my hubby didn’t know who it was and gave this weird look thinking he was just some random guy! We also walked along Yonge Street and I saw a Lamborghini only it was this gross diarrhrea green colour(you’d think for the price he paid for it he’d get a better colour!) and going down we got off the wrong stop on the subway but eventually found our way; it’s been a long time since I lived there and forgot but even when I did live there I’d get lost on the subway; I’m hopeless with directions! I had a good day even though I’m STILL tired and my back, feet, legs and arse are all sore!

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