The Bracelet.

HospitalBracelet When I got up in the morning I noticed a hospital bracelet on my place-setting at the kitchen table and at first thought it was an old one that just got tossed there but then I looked closer and thought it looked really new and my heart sunk, my first thought being, “I hope the 12 or 13 YR olds didn’t have some sort of bad reaction to their vaccines and had to go to the hospital during the night!” so I looked closer and it had the 17 YR old’s name, birth date and health card number on it….and as it turned out when he was at jiu-jitsu and I was already in bed he’d hurt himself during warm-up and thought he broke his leg but it ended up being torn ligaments in his knee. They’re ALWAYS getting hurt in jiu-jitsu and it worries the hell out of me! He had gone to the ER during the night but I’m actually glad I didn’t know and I was blissfully unaware and was asleep during the entire thing and I would only be worried so it was better that I didn’t know until after it was all over and he was already back home and everything was ok. I was so tired after the concert as well I only got 4 HRS sleep so I tried to have a nap during the day but everyone kept coming into my room and waking me up and then Buddy would bark at them so I couldn’t!

As well, I had sharp twinges in my chest and pain in my jaw I remember reading somewhere are signs of heart attack in women plus at the concert and shopping the other day I was really hot and sweaty all day,too, another symptom( unless I’m starting to have “hot flashes” with menopause now) which felt hot, sweaty and “stuffy”, like it does when you’re in a place where the A/C doesn’t work. I *have* had critically low potassium before as well so it just makes me wonder……in any case, if I drop dead anytime soon that’s probably why! I also saw a history of Reggae book in a book store and I’d love to get it but it costs 41$ so I just looked at it in the store and then put it back on the shelf, but it was a really nice one; all glossy pages and all in colour, and today is one of the kids’ birthdays: she’s now 14!

At the concert the other night it was perfect for my Asperger’s as well as I could rock back and forth, bop up and down and sway and not “look autistic” as everyone else was grooving to the music,too, and I love our porch swing in the backyard,too, as it helps “soothe” and “comfort” my Asperger’s as well as I swing back and forth, and only the 12 YR old even noticed that I got my hair cut, I stepped on a piece of glass out in the bare feet and it got embedded in my heel and I had to pull it out and it was bleeding and hurt, and my fat arse broke a chair! I’m so fat when I sat down on a patio chair it broke and my ass fell all the way thru and the 8 and 12 YR olds were cracking up laughing! I was so embarrassed!! We also had another BBQ.