TorontoHouse(ours)  I really miss living in the city(my old house is seen in the photo here) and I wish I could move back but we can’t afford to live there anymore with the housing prices now and if we ever did move back we’d have to rent a house instead of buy as houses start at 750 000$ and only go up from there and we could never afford it. When you really think about it, maybe it’s a better idea to rent than to buy overall anyway as owning a house costs alot of $$$$ even after the mortgage is fully paid off as ours is. For instance, we have to pay 3000$ a YR in property taxes still  and there’s also property insurance that puts us back another 3000$ a YR AND there’s always costly repairs as well, none of which you have to worry about when you rent; you just have to pay your rent, tenant’s insurance,and your bills; all the rest is up to the owner. The only downside to renting is you don’t have the same security and may have to move at any time, if the owner sells the house for example, or raises the rent too high but all you need up front is first and last month’s rent as opposed to a hefty down payment when buying which is often beyond most people’s reach unless they receive it as a gift or an inheritance. There’s also a “stigma” of a sort to renting as opposed to buying but it’s much less hassle and moving is alot easier as you don’t have to worry about the hassles of selling your house and finding a new one to buy. It just makes you think…..

As well, with the mass shooting in Charleston SC the shooter should also be arrested for that hair cut, and I notice that it’s not black people that commit these mass shootings; it’s usually white guys, and I wonder why the Confederate flag ( a symbol of white pride and racism and hatred) isn’t banned and seen with disdain in present-day USA like how the Nazi flag is in modern-day Germany; I mean, what’s the difference, right? I also will *NEVER* ever understand the Americans’ obsession and love of guns. No wonder their crime rate is is high!  I also heard that Fr. C is moving back to his native Nigeria and I’m worried for his safety as terrorist group Boko Haram is very active there, and esp. in targeting Christian churches!

Patti’s daughter is also getting married today. She was originally going to next YR but she wanted to have sex(she’s 18) and didn’t want to wait so they moved the wedding date up. Tonight the mystery will be revealed! I was scared of it and didn’t want to  and had to force myself because that’s what you have to do to get a baby! I was so terrified my first time that I actually left my body during it! I wonder as well what happens to characters in novels after the book ends and having Asperger’s I still have “Magical Thinking”,too; it’s a normal part of childhood but you usually outgrow it but I still do things like, “If the light changes to green by the time I count to 10 then such-and-such a thing will happen…” or, “If the time changes over from 8:00 to 8:01 by the time I count to 10 then so-and-so will work out ok” or believing something will happen if I wish for it hard enough.

I had a weird dream as well that there was redneck country music on the TV and I tried to turn it off but I wasn’t able to change channels or turn it off and then football came on and I still couldn’t get rid of it and it was driving me nuts so I unplugged it but I got a shock and even unplugged it still wouldn’t shut off and it was driving me crazy with this redneck stuff that I just couldn’t get rid of! Buddy also has this really putrid breath today( even worse than his usual “fish breath”) that smells like dead mouse so I think he must have found a dead mouse somewhere and eaten it. Gross.

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