Lost In Translation.

TravelMap  It always makes me wonder how certain countries’ names ended up the way they are in English when their real names in their native languages sound nothing like how they are in English!  How does “Deutschland” for instance translate into “Germany”, or “Hrvatska” become “Croatia?” How about “Finland” who’s name is actually “Suomi” in Finnish, or “Greece” which is actually “Ellenika?” What about what we call “Egypt” but is really “Misr” in Arabic? They don’t sound anything LIKE their actual names so how on earth did they get their English names? I can see the similarities for some countries and how they sound kind of the same, such as “Rossiya” sounds like “Russia” and “Italia” sounds a bit like Italy; at least you can tell what it’s supposed to be!

PixieCutReallyShortBack I found this picture on the Internet and this is what my hair looks like at the back, except it’s dark brown and grey but the same short style.It’s the exact photo I showed the stylist how I wanted it. I was even charged a men’s style price( as opposed to a pricier woman’s) instead because it’s so short, so I saved $$$$$,too! I’m still craving chocolate milkshakes so I made my own and I have this insane junk food craving as well( likely as “Aunt Flow” is due and it’s my hormones) so I went to the store and bought BBQ peanuts, poutine flavour chips and a chocolate bar and then I scarfed it all down!