The Wedding.

W1 Here are some photos from Patti’s daughter’s wedding. Here is her daughter the bride with her new husband. I have cropped off the heads for privacy. She wore a simple white gown and the bridesmaids wore pretty blush pink dresses……but everyone wore cowboy boots and both the bride and groom also wore cowboy hats which ruined the entire look ,making it look redneck instead of formal.

W2 The ceremony was performed by a minister on the groom’s family’s farm. They had around 65 guests but from the bride’s side only her parents and brothers and some of her friends; all the others were from the groom’s!Guests sat on sheet-covered hay bales for seats during the ceremony.

W3 Here is their wedding cake! Isn’t it nice? A friend of the bride MADE it! In fact, friends made all of the decorations and other party favours, invitations, etc.

W4 At least the reception was held in a proper reception hall, in the Knights of Columbus Hall in town,actually, which goes with our church! I have always liked weddings, full of love, hope, promise, and the future, but sadly most of them won’t make it; the vast majority of marriages end in divorce so it’s not very promising.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.