The Eye Exam.

EyeChart It turns out the 16 YR old needs glasses and no one even knew…..not even her! She went to get her Learner’s Permit driver’s license(which she got) but she failed the vision test and they told her she had to go and have her eyes tested so she went and had an eye exam and it turns out that she’s near-sighted and needs glasses! Who knew? She kept insisting she had no trouble seeing and didn’t need glasses but the vision part of the driving exam and the following eye exam proved otherwise! She said she doesn’t want to wear glasses as she’d “look like a dork” and wants contact lenses but at the eye place they said she’s “too young” and her eyes have to “adjust” to glasses awhile first before she can have contacts but that’s a load of crap as *I* had contacts when I was 15 before I ever had glasses; I think they just want us to spend the $$$$ on glasses AND contacts so that way they make more $$$$! So now 5 of the kids can drive but we still can’t afford to pay for insurance for them! The 16 YR old also re-newed her health card and got her photo ID.

As well, my mother saw her doctor and got her blood test results and she failed: she’s officially diabetic and she has to test her blood sugars every week and if it gets above a certain number to call them and her cholesteral is even higher than it was before( because she always cheats on the diet the doctor gave her and just eats what she wants!) so she’s now on 2 new meds to lower it. There was an incredible thunderstorm overnight too and it woke everyone up; the thunder was so loud it sounded like it was right outside my bedroom window and it shook the entire house,startling me awake(Buddy was hiding under my bed all night)and I thought, “What the f*ck was THAT?”and the 20 YR old said lightening hit a telephone pole in front of his work and it was cracked in half and scorched and they were replacing it.

I also picked fresh mulberries off our tree and that fell off the trees onto the grass, still fresh and warm from the sun, and my hubby’s going into Toronto for work today and tomorrow and taking the kids into “Wonderland” amusement park so tomorrow I’m going in with them as well to visit and to spend the day with my BFF( ever since we were 12!) and we’ll catch up and go shopping and I’m so excited to see her again I can hardly wait! School ends this week too and we have 3 “milestones” starting in the fall: one going into Jr. High, one going into highschool,and one going off to university!