School’s Out!!

SchoolOut Today is the last day of school for the last of the schools now, and some ended a couple of days ago and some even finished last week but today’s the absolute last day for all of them now. You can almost feel the collective cheer! So now summer vacation officially begins although a couple of my kids still have 10 lessons of language arts and math they have left to finish off before they go off to camp in 2 weeks and if they’re not done in time they won’t be going to camp as their school work has to be done first so they better haul ass! The 20 YR old also has a black eye now from jiu-jitsu and it almost looks like he’s wearing purple eyeliner or eyeshadow and my hubby’s brother needs a 2-step surgery to reconstruct the inside of his nose( he just had the first part done the other day) and I assume it must be due to damage from all the drugs he’s taken as I’ve heard cocaine can eat away at the “wall” inside your nose. That’s so gross. I don’t know what else it could be.

Prom This is a photo of my friend B’s daughter’s highschool Prom. Aren’t their gowns beautiful? They remind me of movie stars at the Academy Awards. Her daughter is the one at the end in the black dress. She’s really pretty; she’s half-Chinese and such a pretty girl.(I’ve hidden the faces to protect their privacy). I’m still having dreams almost every night of my being dead and I figure if I AM going to die  before I’m 50 like I’ve always had a feeling I will then based on the “odds” I’ll most likely die in May 2016 since most people in my family die in May and in January 2017 I’ll be 50, so statistically speaking I’d think it’s the most likely and the most probable but we’ll see….

I’m excited to see my old friend “S” today as well. It’s been a few YRS since I’ve last seen her and I wonder if she still has short hair like she used to, if she has grey hair now like I do, or if she got fat like I did? I wonder if she’ll also remember all of our old jokes and things? We used to have so much fun and I have so many happy memories of us. It will be fun to discuss old times again! The 20 YR old’s friend (who lives in California) also lost one of her 3 dogs last night: it was savagely attacked and killed by a coyote! It was literally torn apart, the poor thing. It was 13 YRS old and it’s name was “Birdie.” Her other dogs names are “Bug” and “Bogie.” I would be heartbroken beyond words if anything like that ever happened to Buddy.

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