The Original Rainbow.

RainbowGod This is the original rainbow, before the gays “hijacked” it as a symbol of gay pride. It was sent from God as a sign for humanity that He would never again destroy the world after the Great Flood/ Noah and the Ark. All this week is “Pride Week” where gays flaunt their sin and shove it in everyone’s faces. I see on practically everyone’s Facebook profile they have the rainbow and even on my blog’s host site; it’s all over and you can’t get away from it. USA has now also legalized same-sex “marriage”, legalizing sin. The world is going to hell.

This is my way of “reclaiming” it; of “taking back” the rainbow for God, away from the sin it has now come to represent and return it to what it originally was and what it REALLY stands for and when I see or think of a rainbow, THIS is what *I* associate it with.

PRIDE comes before a fall……

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