The Wallet.

WalletB The 20 YR old ordered this wallet online which is the exact replica from in the movie “Pulp Fiction.” It’s real leather and when he first told me it was hand-embroidered I thought he meant with his name or his initials, not with “Bad Motherf*cker” but I cracked up when I saw it. Only he would ever think to buy such a thing! He’s also planning on commissioning an artist to paint a portrait of himself naked on a horse among other things and my hubby suggested he get a huge billboard of his face rented for a month just for laughs as well and he’s so “full” of himself it sounds like something he probably would! The 19 YR old also got a 175$ bursary from church for university as a “thank you” for playing piano during Mass every week and 175$ won’t go too far at university but it will help pay for a textbook and it was a nice gesture just the same.

Our oldest(who lives in Edmonton) also said it’s a scorching 38 C there and he’s moving into his OWN apartment soon( NO room-mates!) but has to buy furniture now so he’s going to take a girl with him to IKEA to help him pick out some cool stuff, we’ve had soooo much rain here lately I think we should start building an ark, and a blog I read she’s 47 and prego with baby # 12 and at one time I might have envied her but not now; I’m done with having babies now and have no desire to have any more and am glad to have put those sleepless nights, exhaustion,etc. behind me now for good. The baby machine has shut down for good. The factory is closed indefinitely.

Someone on Facebook also sent me a message saying, “Why are you on Facebook, no one even likes you!” and I tell myself it’s probably just a hacker, a troll, or some stupid little kid, but it brought up all those bad memories of all those YRS of bullying I endured at school,and it really bothers me , really hurts,and cuts deep because it’s TRUE, but how does she KNOW? It really “got” to me and sometimes it almost feels like people can “read” my mind by how well they seem to “know” me or what I’m thinking and it really freaks me out. This weird guy also keeps sending me messages too and it’s starting to get really strange and I don’t know what he wants from me and it’s “weirding” me out.

It’s just been one of “those” days.

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