Rastaman summer.

FlipFlops(RastaMine) I finally found the Rasta-style flip-flops I was looking for,and on sale,too! It was supposed to be 24$ but I got it at “Winners” for 12$! I love it! I spend all summer either barefoot or in flip-flops. My legs STILL hurt too from my 10 HR shopping marathon Thursday and I literally DID shop ’till I drop but I had fun!

Pool Open!

OurPoolMoonlit Our pool is now open so it’s officially summer!  The pool guys came to open it for the season, to take off the cover, undo the plugs and winterizing and to put in the chemicals and prime the pump, put on the jets, ladders,and diving board and we’re almost all set to go ! This is also the first time that we have enough water we don’t need the water truck to come and fill it up; usually it’s still half-full after winter but with the new pool cover the snow that was on top just melted and seeped thru the cover( instead of pooling on top and making a fetid “swamp” that had to be drained off like on the other one) filling the pool below, and the same every time it rained, so now it’s full, except it’s all grungy, dirty, brown and green, so we have to keep sweeping, scooping, and vacuuming it and dumping more chemicals into it to clean the water up for a couple of days before we can actually use it. We still have the algae stains on the walls and bottom from last YR as well but I guess that’s never going away; I even tried scraping it off but it looks like it’s on there for good! Shit.

Buddy67 Buddy just *LOVES* the new ball I got him! As you roll it around it makes these funny sounds like the old “Giggle Stick” the kids used to have.He’ll even bark at it and wag his tail and when my hubby tried to kick it out of the way he growled at him, protecting his beloved toy, afraid he was going to take it! He didn’t even want to go out for a walk he was so engrossed with his new toy and didn’t want to stop playing with it, that’s how much he loves it! I’m so glad. It was funny too seeing the kids’ friends( we took them to an amusement park on the way when I went to the city to see my BFF and my hubby went in to work the other day) one said it was only her 4th time in the city and you could tell they weren’t used to it; in awe, and said stuff like, “Why do the buses look like they have an accordion in the middle?” and in a Chinese area, “Why is everything written in another language?” It’s sort of sad too, how people are so sheltered in this hick-ass town and how so many of them rarely see much of anything beyond it.  My BFF said she wants me to move back to the city as well and I wish I could too but I just can’t afford it and she lives outside the city, in a suburb, in a 2 bedroom townhouse and she paid 600 000$ for it; there’s no WAY we could afford anything anywhere near that!

I also had to re-new my diuretic but the prescription ran out so the pharmacy faxed Dr. Dumb-Ass to re-new it only they said they never got the fax and that it can take up to 10 days to re-new meds, meanwhile I only had 5 days of pills left and then they said he’s in the OR (what’s a family doctor even DOING in the OR anyway unless he’s the one *having* the surgery; my mother joked maybe he’s having a brain transplant!) and then he’s off next week…it’s always something, but I’m tired of this shit and said it’s unacceptable and I’m fed up and need the pills and if he can’t do it then get someone else to and in the end I eventually did get my re-fill: 100 pills with another re-fill, so that should be enough for 6 months. I swear though, that guy is just so frickin’ dumb and useless. I’ve had so many problems with him. What good is he even for?

A Day With My BFF.

S1(new) I spent the day in the city yesterday with my oldest, dearest friend S. pictured here.  I’ve known her ever since we were 12, a YR after she moved from Korea. We spent the day shopping and visiting, catching up and remembering the old days. I met her at Tim Horton’s and I ordered a chocolate drink but didn’t know at first it had real cream and I didn’t have my pills so I had to buy diarrhrea pills at the pharmacy so I wouldn’t get caught on the long drive home stuck in the middle of the highway with the shits 8 HRS later! She had the 80’s radio station on in her car and we were singing the songs out loud remembering them from our past and we felt like teenagers again. My kids hate it when I do this but S and I belted them out joyfully together. As soon as she walked in the door I recognized her right away, she still looked the same, just a bit older, but I had been nervous at first, “What if I don’t recognize her anymore? What if she doesn’t recognize me? What if she thinks I look fat and ugly?” I don’t want her to be disappointed.

S2 S3In the mall we saw these swanky designer items like 2000$ shoes and pricey bags and clothing I took photos of as that’s the closest I’ll ever have of ever having it(ha,ha). We ate lunch at a Chinese place which she treated me to which I thought was nice and extra appreciated since I’m broke.She wore high heels( not the best thing for a day at the mall) and her feet were killing her so she stopped off and bought a pair of flats and changed and I bought a pair of new shoes( the purple high-top Converse I was looking for) and got blisters on my baby toes so the 2 of us were limping and hobbling along with our sore feet and felt like a couple of crippled old bags. We must have been a sorry sight to see!

S4  S also said her new Korean restaurant should hopefully be ready to open next week, and she fears she might have breast cancer and has to get a biopsy done: she has painful and growing cysts on both breasts! I hope it’s NOT cancer!She DOES smoke though so it really worries me of the possibility even more!!I can’t even imagine losing my BFF! She also said she’s in menopause for the past YR too( she’s 49, a YR older than me; they held her back a grade because she couldn’t speak English) and said she wants to move back to USA( where she spent her highschool and college YRS) as she likes it better than here as she’s “disappointed” with Canada as people here are more racist and mean(and she’s gotten alot of “Go back where you came from!” and other similar comments here) and they’re nicer in USA and not as racist( I agree; Canada sucks and it makes me embarrassed to be Canadian). I wish *I* could move out of here,too! Hey, maybe we can move together?

S5 Here is the new shoes I bought. S said she liked my new hair as well, and that I’d “lost weight” and she looked a bit heavier than the last time I saw her but still not fat like me and she doesn’t have any wrinkles either and no grey hair, but she does get her hair dyed,too. It was so nice seeing my old friend again! We have to do this again sometime soon! I can’t believe we’re almost 50 either; we’re 2 middle-aged ladies now but when we’re back together it feels like we’re kids again. Where has the time GONE? I can’t believe it’s been over some 35 YRS…..