Burn Rubber!

BurnRubber The 16 YR old was out practicing driving down the street and as she turned around the corner I heard this really loud screeching skid and sure enough it was her! She really made those tires squeal! My hubby said at least she did get the car safely back in the driveway afterwards, but she’s a menace on the road! She said she should be driving a truck but I think maybe a TANK is more like it, ha,ha! I’d probably be like that too if I could drive(but due to my perception problem I don’t) and I’d have alot more freedom if I could as well; I wouldn’t have to depend on my hubby to drive me places, I could just hop in the car(I’d get a cute little SmartCar!) and go myself. That’s just a dream though though and like all the others, will never happen. I also had the BEST watermelon ever, a big long one , deep, dark red inside with the black seeds( not the round seedless  ones that are pale pinkish inside and have no taste) the way watermelon should be, and the way they used to be when I was a kid; and I dove into it with gusto, munching away, not even caring when it smeared all over my mouth and face with juicy dripping goodness. I always wondered about the seedless ones too; if they’re seedless then how do they grow more watermelons without seeds?

BuddyInbred Here is Buddy “Inbred”….. get it….in bread….it was the 12 YR old’s idea. I know, she has some strange ideas. She also scoffed at my new dress I wore to church yesterday saying, “WHAT is THAT? That’s hideous! That’s one UGLY-looking dress!” Apparantly it’s “faults” were being orange and having buttons but I don’t care if she likes it or not or what other people think; *I* like it and that’s all that matters! The 14 YR old calls this shit-hole town “Trench Town” as well due to it being so “ghetto” and run-down, not even knowing there’s a real place( in Jamaica) called that( and that’s where Bob Marley’s from!) and I almost died laughing because it’s so appropriate and suits it so well.The kids also had friends over, squeezing in all that they can for this last week of summer and it’s supposed to be really hot again all this week,too, in the 30 C range with the humidex around 36 C!

Canada Sucks!

CanadaSwastika I heard on the news yet more reasons why Canada sucks and that this is NOT a democratic country but in actual fact a Fascist Police State: there was this guy who made a parody song mocking the PM and once the gov’t found out about it he was fired(his job was tracking bird migration)even though he was just a month away from retirement. So much for freedom of speech or being able to criticize the gov’t! You’d think this was North Korea or something where you don’t dare speak out against “Dear Leader”. Scientists are also being muzzled and are not allowed to talk about their research or their work, and yet another “Big Brother” tactic that happens in a State-run Totalitarian regime and not in a democracy: 17 families in Toronto are being forced out of their million $$$$ homes, being expropriated for a school that’s going to be built! In a free society you would NOT be forced off your OWN property that YOU own; the State would not and should not have that authority, and only in a Police State would such a thing ever occur. More and more all the time all our rights, privacy, freedoms, and democracy is being eroded away and steamrolled over. Certain “activist” groups are even “red-flagged” by the RCMP and monitored and are not allowed to assemble or hold protests,either. Freedom of assembly my ass. Freedom of speech my ass.

As well, I went into the livingroom with my iPod music and my hubby and the 20 YR old blasted me and started screaming at me that I’m “rude”, “inconsiderate”, “garbage”etc. as they were watching TV(even though I always come in at that time every day..I hate it with my hubby on vacation and around all the time; he disrupts my routine)…..except for the fact that they really weren’t; my hubby was actually working on his costume for “Fan Expo” and the 20 YR old was doing something or other with his deck of cards; the TV was just on for “background noise”(something I never did understand; either watch the show or turn it off!) and besides, it was an old episode they’ve already seen,anyway! I’m sick of my hubby always insulting and complaining about my music and with my Asperger’s I also have a hard time knowing what’s acceptable and what’s not  and I get confused and don’t know what the big deal is when people get so mad….the way *I* see it is we can BOTH do our own separate things in the same room at the same time; they can still watch TV and I can still listen to my music….I don’t see the conflict or the problem….why does one have to kick out the other….I get so mixed up with things and don’t understand but then everyone “jumps” on me and hates me for something that’s so-called “inconsiderate” I did or that offends someone and I really had no idea or any intention of it and then they criticize and belittle me and make me feel all humiliated,embarrassed, bullied, and demeaned.

When I got what I THOUGHT I wanted I actually ended up leaving behind and losing what was actually best.

I LOVE This!!

FancyFurniture I just LOVE this fancy, elegant, swanky furniture! A vendor at the “Ex” the other day was selling it and I took this photo off their pamphlet. I didn’t have the nerve to find out the cost as I was scared to ask, knowing it would be way out of our budget but this is the style that I absolutely love; it’s like the kind that the Queen would have at Buckingham Palace! It looks so regal and ritzy but my hubby thinks it’s gaudy; he prefers redneck style like a camo recliner or chairs with a hockey logo on them( talk about tacky!) but he never did have good taste anyway. It’s just a dream for me to get this anyway as we don’t have any room to put it even if we ever did have the $$$$ and I DO like the similar-style French Provincial furniture that we have, but this is my fave. It’s not uncommon for people in countries like Iran and Kuwait to have this kind of furniture in their homes; I guess they have a higher class and better taste than people here….

As well we had an end of summer BBQ and I sent Patti a message to invite her but she never replied until later as it turned out she was out all day and my hubby said he didn’t think I was talking to her anymore (whaat? Why would he think that?) and the kids also did yardwork and the 8 YR old complained so my mother started to do his FOR him….until the other kids protested that is, esp. when she said he’s the youngest but had the “most” work when really he had the least and they “revolted” at the injustice of her coddling him and taking over his share letting him get away with it, and the 12 YR old uses a lint roller on Buddy to get rid of his loose fur when he’s shedding, and and our hydro bill is 500$ this month,too, but we only have 300$ saved up for it so my hubby had to give my mother more $$$ this month to cover it as she just doesn’t *have* the extra $$$$ to pay it! I also noticed police everywhere at the “Ex” the other day; they were everywhere( usually you just see the odd one here and there) so I wonder if they got a security or terror threat or something that day?

This Makes Me Feel Old.

OldiesStation I can’t believe in January I’ll be 49. I feel so old and ever since I was 45 I’ve been falling apart, having medical issues,and been on medication and/or have had surgery for such issues. I feel like an old broken down jalopy. Lately there have been many things that make me feel old as well such as:

  • Hearing songs I listened to in high school being played on the “Oldies” station
  •  Hearing songs I listened to in high school being referred to as “Classic” hits
  •  My kids have no idea who bands I grew up listening to like Van Halen, Ratt, or Twisted Sister even are
  • When sales people in stores call me “Ma’am”
  • Half my natural hair colour is now grey
  • Wrinkles, crow’s feet and bags under my eyes
  • Turkey neck and “Bingo wings”
  • Gaining 60 pounds since I was in my 20’s
  • Thinking it just seems like a few YRS ago that I had my first baby…..but he’ll be 26 in 2 months
  • When I hear “20 YRS ago” I think about the 1980’s
  • I have no idea how to use cell phones
  • They haven’t had any good music since the 80’s
  • My mother was my exact age when she became a grandmother for the first time
  • Old friends I went to school with are grandparents now
  • Kids my kids grew up with are now married
  • When I was the age our oldest is now I already had 3 kids
  • I’m shocked seeing photos of old friends today and how old they look and how much we’ve all aged
  • The last time I saw some cousins they were kids and now they have kids of their own
  • My grandparents and all my aunts and uncles that were a big part of my childhood are all dead now
  • It was 30 YRS ago I graduated high school but it just seems like it was a few YRS ago
  • I now have glasses and hearing aids
  • Actors I used to watch in those 80’s teen movies are now all in their 50’s
  • I’ve been with my hubby for more YRS of my life than I haven’t ( 27 YRS with VS 21 YRS without)
  • I’ve been homeschooling now for 24 YRS
  • In 2 YRS I will have been alive for half a century
  • My oldest kids are now old enough to have their own families
  • I may be starting menopause
  • I have to take 8 medications daily.