Liam Neeson.

LiamNeeson1 This is actor Liam Neeson. I have always thought him to be ruggedly handsome and would love to ride him like a cowboy rides his horse.  No doubt the guy is a hunk. He’s also one of my fave. actors.

LiamNeeson2 This is him just a month later. I was shocked and stunned speechless. He doesn’t even look like the same person. He looks really sick, like CANCER sick, like how Patrick Swayze did. To waste away so quickly would be indicative of a fast spreading consuming cancer, like liver or pancreas, yet his publicist insists that he’s “fine” and not sick. I don’t believe it. Not one bit. Pictures don’t lie. I’m praying for him.

As well, there’s world-wide outrage about that American dentist that killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe and although I think it WAS cruel and uncalled for and he IS an asshole( I don’t believe in hunting for sport) I also think there should be worse outrage toward social issues that affect PEOPLE, such as war, poverty, injustice, terrorism, racism, homelessness, oppression, police brutality,  the plight of refugees, migrants,etc. and I realized that either way I WILL be going to the Caribbean in 2 YRS regardless : even if I DO die before I’m 50: either I go as I am now or my ashes go(I want my ashes to be scattered in the Caribbean) so either way I’m still going one way or the other….

The 14 YR old also said chatting online with the webcam some pervert started to show her his private parts so she quickly shut it off and another one asked the 12 YR old to show him her boobs,too! What is WRONG with people,though? That’s why I never let them use their real names online or give out personal information as you can’t be too careful! There’s some *really* weird people out there!! The 14 YR old also “bribed” the 8 YR old to swim in the deep end of the pool by telling him she’ll take him to the store and buy him a popsicle and it worked: he gave in to his fear and went in and treaded water, surprising himself, and my hubby sneered at me( about not being able to get my tattoo wet for 2 weeks) that he hopes I’d still go and rescue him if he was drowning and get my tattoo wet regardless…..and I was insulted. What does he THINK? Of course I would! Not like that mother in China I read about that wouldn’t allow the police to break into her luxury car to rescue her child who got locked in and was suffering from heatstroke as she didn’t want her expensive car damaged.

I have to admit as well that I’m not a good mother even though I did try( and I stayed home with my kids and raised them and homeschooled them which is good in itself)and having kids was my dream, but with my Asperger’s and depression I was overwhelmed and frustrated and I lack the tools I need and wasn’t able to cope and my mother and hubby never supported me emotionally, but only gave me blame, criticism, and condemnation. I failed at that just like I did at  everything else in life. I’m just a failure. I’m not good at anything but I hope that the kids can one day understand and forgive me because I had good intentions and I tried my best. I also try to bond with the kids and say and do things to connect with them but all they do is laugh, rebuff me, say some insulting remark, and push me away so at least I am trying.