“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupAug2015 Catching up on things lately:

– When I woke up yesterday I thought it was Friday.

– Saturday would have been my grandmother’s 103 rd birthday except she died 10 YRS ago.

– Over the weekend Toronto had their annual Caribbean carnival. People even came from the Caribbean to see it. I would have loved to have been there. I LOVE the Caribbean.

– I wonder if that dream I had that I’ll die this month will actually happen or not? It will be interesting to see, and if so I worry I might not make it to Heaven; even though I don’t doubt my strong faith and obedience to God I wonder if my faults, sins, and weaknesses still might disqualify me,and sometimes it seems Heaven is this elite exclusive club that very few people qualify to get in.

– The 12 YR old said she’s going on a hunger strike until I allow her to go downtown by herself even though it’s too far and I won’t let her go until she’s older.

– I re-styled my hair and cut it into that funky style where it’s buzzed-cut shorter on one side and longer on the other.

– Our oldest moved into his own apt. over the weekend, his very own, for the first time without any room-mates!

– The 20 YR old walked by these guys eating a pizza and just for laughs asked them for a slice and much to his surprise they gave him the last 3 pieces they had left!

– An early federal election has been called so now they have 12 weeks to prepare instead of the usual 6 weeks and the election will be on 19 October. I just hope anyone EXCEPT the Liberals win.

– I regret most of my adult life and most of it has been a big mistake.

– Most of my tattoo has already healed up and peeled off, much like a sunburn does, revealing the new shiny skin underneath.

– Buddy got loose and ran off again and we didn’t even know he was missing; we were all in the house and a lady knocked on the door; she had him and said she found him in the street and brought him back. I wonder how he got out? I guess someone must have opened the door and he snuck out and ran off without them noticing and it’s the 3rd time now he’s done that and it scares me that one day he’ll take off and get hit by a car and killed.