The iPod.

iPodBlue Guess what? I’m getting an iPod! I decided I was tired of only being able to listen to music sitting at my computer and I wanted to be able to take it with me outside while I’m sitting outside, getting a tan, etc. like how I used to back in the 80’s when I had my Walkman so I decided to get an iPod. At first I thought I would get an iPod Nano as all I needed it for was to listen to music and I don’t play games and wouldn’t be using any of the apps but my hubby said it’s more value to pay the extra 100$ and go for the iPod Touch with all the extra added features so I did so the one I got also has a camera, texting, apps, music, I can access my Facebook on it, Siri, etc. Of course here in “Bumble-F*ck” nowhere had it, not even in the next bigger town 20 minutes away; I looked everywhere and they were all sold out and only one place had one left but it was an ugly grey colour and if I’m spending all that $$$$ I at least wanted it to be a nice colour that I like!

HippoCase So what I ended up doing is just ordering it online from the Apple store and it was free shipping AND free engraving so I got “Pogue Mahone” on the first line and “Bumbo klaat” on the second line. I got it in a pretty metallic blue and it should arrive next Friday.I also ordered this cool hippo case separately elsewhere online. This is the first real piece of technology that I’ve ever purchased and of course I have no idea how to actually GET my fave. songs (I have over 400 favourited on YouTube) onto the iPod(me not being tech-savvy)so I “commissioned” the 12 YR old to do it for me for 20$. In this family no one ever does anything just to be “nice”; they only do things if they get paid! As we were driving all over looking for an iPod I also saw lots of wild parsnip growing in fields and some along the side of farms and it’s scary that alot of people might pick it, unaware of the danger.

As well, my hubby said that he was disappointed that I didn’t die afterall, despite that dream I had, and Buddy had an eventful morning yesterday: he chased a cat that was in our yard and it scratched his nose bleeding and he also brought me a dead mouse that he found in the grass! I also cracked up laughing hearing that Lenny Kravitz had a wardrobe malfunction during a concert in Sweden: his leather pants ripped and his generous-sized pierced “trouser snake” was showing! The audience sure got more than what they paid to see! I saw him in concert a few YRS ago and boy, what I wouldn’t have given to have seen THAT! I also see the upcoming federal election like this: it seems that the NDP are most concerned about the Middle-class, the Conservatives about businesses, and the Liberals only care about themselves.