Donald Trump.

DonaldTrump I like Donald Trump ( the billionaire tycoon who is running for the Republicans in the American election) because he is outspoken and says what he thinks and he’s not politically correct and he’s so rich he just doesn’t care if anyone gets offended or what anyone thinks. I like it that no one intimidates him and with him what you see is what you get; he’s not a phony like the other politicians; when he says something you know it’s what he really means and what he really thinks. Sure, he’s a windbag, a blowhard, a loudmouth and a boor, but he’s genuine and honest and  I admire him for having the courage to say what he thinks and to stand up to political correctness and if anyone gets offended that’s their problem. I don’t follow American politics other than what I see on the news but he makes it more interesting as you’re always wondering what he’s going to say next.

As well, my Jehovah’s Witness friend came by and we discussed the Bible and he said he likes my hair and my suntan, the 14 YR old started cheerleading which I’m not too happy about as cheerleaders are usually slutty even though they’ve reassured us that they won’t be wearing anything revealing; no mini skirts or belly tops, and she met a girl there,too, that recognized her from her YouTube videos and said she’s a big fan and squealed, “I can’t believe that you’re Gjbz! My friends are going to be so jealous that I met you in person!” It’s funny too having a fan that lives in the area and then meeting them in real life; it’s almost like she’s famous!

Buddy also kept barking on and on outside and my mother kept yelling at him to shut up but I knew there must be a reason and that something was bothering him….and sure enough: the 17 YR old was up on the roof blowing the squeaker toy( which he hates) at him, teasing him and annoying him, we found a hammer in our mailbox which was odd but then my hubby said someone borrowed it and just dropped it off, the 19 YR old did her grade 10 piano theory exam and when I said I hope that she doesn’t still dress in her Punk/ Goth/ Nightmare Before Christmas/Morticia Addams style while at university as it will be harder for her to fit in and make friends my mother snickered, “It’s not hard for EVERYONE to make friends!” yet another “jab” at me with my Aspergers and Social Phobia that socializing has always been hard for me, and we got so-called garlic bread but when we took it out of the foil bag to go in the oven it had no garlic butter on it; it was just plain bread! We *always* get the defective stuff, the broken product, or with pieces missing, etc.It never fails. If it weren’t for bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all.