I’ve Been A Naughty Girl.

StandingInCorner I’ve been naughty….when I heard about singer Lenny Kravitz’s wardrobe malfunction( that his tight leather pants split open during a recent concert, exposing his THING) I just HAD to see for myself and my curiousity got the better of me esp. since I heard that it’s pierced and I wondered exactly  where the piercing was located( it wasn’t where I’d thought!) so I did a Google search for the uncensored version. That was my thrill for the day and it didn’t disappoint.(He even had a boner, too, so it was a bonus!) Who knew that he goes “Commando” and doesn’t wear any underwear?( maybe he’ll reconsider and will from now on?) The 20 YR old said he has a photo of it as his computer wallpaper. I was lucky that the priest I like was at church so I went to Confession and he cracked up laughing loudly; twice, once at what happened to Lenny and then at what I did and he said sometimes we have “weird curiousities” and just left it up to me to choose which prayer to say as penance which surprised me as I thought it was a really baaaad one and I’d be having to say every prayer there is! That’s my Catholic conscience at work there.

UglyMe(new) This is also the latest picture of my ugly mug. I put it on my Facebook under the heading “My Ugly Face” and people said I’m not ugly, and I look nice and they like my tan, etc. but I know that they’re just being nice and trying to make me feel better. I saw myself in a mirror at the mall the other day and I look like a fat ugly dyke. No wonder no guys were ever interested in me. EVERYONE is prettier than I am. I am also wearing my hippo necklace in the picture but it’s hard to really see it well.