Our Swamp.

PoolAug2015 This is our pool. Yes, I know, it’s green. The 12 YR old goes, “Maybe you should take better care of it!” except we DO, but no matter what we do we just can’t get rid of the algae and it’s always green; we can’t get it back to blue! I vacuum it, sweep it with the brush, dump all the chemicals in, incl. chlorine, test the water, etc. and do everything that we’re supposed to, spend a small fortune on chemicals and pool maintenance, Google how to get rid of green pool water and do everything they advise, have had the pool guys over and did everything they suggest….but nothing ever works and we’re always stuck with this green water. It’s clean because we have all the chemicals in so it’s still safe to swim in; it’s just green and looks like a swamp. My hubby says the only way would be to drain it entirely and have it all scrubbed down and re-filled again with fresh,clean water but filling a pool that big( 20×40 feet long and 9 feet at the deep end) would cost 1000$ in water alone so that’s not even an option so we’re stuck with a green pool. I also found a dead mouse floating in the pool yesterday.Nice, huh?

Buddy72 Here is my Baby.I was sitting out the front with him on my lap and I kept  kissing him and saying, “I loveyouIloveyouIloveyou…” not thinking anyone was there but this lady walked by and saw and I was embarrassed that she’d think I was mental but she just smiled so she must have been thinking, “Aww, she really loves her dog!” He tried to hump my FACE while I was laying down as well, and jumped up on my ribs as he came bounding over and leaped up onto me. I also have these recurring dreams lately that I’m prego and that we have 6 Christmas trees up and decorated in the livingroom and I wonder what it’s supposed to mean? The Fascist gov’t wants to make it illegal as well to travel to Iraq and Syria as they assume people are only going there for terrorist purposes even though they could just be going over to visit family that still lives there! I swear this country has become such a Police State! Now they’re banning travel to certain countries, too? How exactly can they prevent you from travelling anywhere though? You can just go via another country instead of direct. Big Brother is always banning, regulating and controlling every aspect of our lives and it’s such a totalitarian regime. If only I had the $$$$ I would move. This country sucks!