The Mango Smoothie.

Mangosmoothie(new) I had this delish mango smoothie. It was the BEST! So thick and creamy it was like mango nectar. It was so good I even decided to make a blog post on it. You absolutely have to try it! Mango is my fave. fruit but I love all the tropical fruits, incl. coconut, pineapple, guava, etc. I also wanted to save some left over food for my lunch so to put it in the fridge I had to put my name on it and couldn’t find a “Mama” name tag and I was too lazy to make another so I took an old one that said “Papa” and just decided to modify it and I thought that by simply removing the first “P” and replacing it with an “M” it would change from “Papa” to “Mama” but I’m so stupid as it ended up being “Mapa” instead. This is an example of how dumb I am and how difficult life is for me.

We’re also having this bad thunderstorm with some really bad crazy heavy rain and are forecasted to get 50 mm or so, Buddy hates US Prez Obama; it’s the funniest thing; the 12 YR old has him on her computer wallpaper and every time he sees it on there he goes crazy and keeps barking and barking at it until it’s taken off, and the 8 YR old was being really bad,too: he was mad the 14 YR old was using a computer he wanted so he BIT her and tried to push her down the stairs and then said he wants to stab everyone, kill us all no matter what he has to do and burn the house down! Of course my mother blamed the 12 and 14 YR olds though and said THEY must have “been bothering him” because nothing is ever HIS fault; always someone else’s! She really is a piece of work and why do you think he IS such a brat?