Dr. Dumbass.

DoctorDumbass I went to see Dr. Dumbass about a referral to an ENT and to have my meds renewed for 6 months. He didn’t seem to see a reason for the ENT referral( and he looked into my  ears, nose and throat) like the orthodontist recommended and when he asked why I replied, “So I can BREATHE better!” I got my meds renewed but he had trouble figuring out how many pills again though so I had to help him( and I’M the one who’s dumb at math!) so the two of us were huddled over his computer trying to figure it out and he said he wants me to have a pap smear done as well as it’s been 8 YRS since I’ve had one so to book it with reception on the way out but I didn’t as I HATE those things and talk about awkward, embarrassing,and uncomfortable; there’s no way I want HIM looking down THERE! He also gave me a form for more bloodwork and said the last results in May showed liver enzymes slightly elevated and potassium a bit low. He liked my tan as well and now they have this new thing where they take a photo of the patients and have it with their chart; they say so they can “attach a face to a name” but you never know. It just seems so surveillance and what next? Retinal scans and fingerprints,too? I feel kind of bad calling him “Dumbass” too as he’s nice(and he IS cute) but he does always screw up the prescriptions and tests so it’s warranted….

As well, while I was walking Buddy a guy drove by in a car and honked at me and waved but I have no idea who he was and I was thinking, “WHO the f*ck was THAT?” he must have mistaken me for someone else, and I overheard some of the kids discussing dying and I was surprised the 14 and 17 YR olds said they don’t think that there’s anything after you die; that you just die and that’s it and the 20 YR old thinks we get reincarnated even though it goes against everything they’ve been taught and brought up to believe but I know that this isn’t all that there is and there is an afterlife, an eternal life for us in Heaven with God, and I was looking for a pair of denim shorts but couldn’t find any but I DID find a pair of jeans for only 12$ so what I did instead was just buy those and cut off the legs just below the knees and made my own DIY shorts,and even if I had been able to find the shorts it would have cost more than 12$!

I also saw this commercial for the Para Pan Am Games with a dwarf and I was surprised that they consider dwarfism to be a disability as I’ve never seen it that way; they’re just short but people come in all different shapes and sizes, and I saw on the news too that the gov’t puts immigrants that don’t have the proper paperwork detained in JAILS until they can be processed, a process that can take YRS, and it’s just inhumane and wrong and violates human rights and yet another example of how this country is Fascist and sucks and why I hate it.