Bible Camp.

BibleCamp2015 Bible camp has ended for another YR. This YR 4 of the kids went; 2 as leaders and 2 as campers as the others are all either still away at Cadets camp( the 16 YR old comes back later today after being away for 6 weeks) too old, or working. The 14 and 17 YR olds were leaders and the 12 and 8 YR olds were campers. There were about 50 kids this YR, much less than usual but someone new took over this YR and it wasn’t as organized or as good. This time the leaders didn’t get T-shirts like usual, the kids didn’t get grab bags on the last day and the so-called “pageant” for the parents on the last day which is usually about an HR was only a short 3 song presentation!

They also switched the time for the presentation from the usual 6:30 pm to 11 am so less than 20 parents came as they were mostly still at work as it was a bad time. My hubby was working too so he couldn’t go and my mother and I went; I always go every YR to watch but she never has; this is her first time and the only reason she went is because the 8 YR old went this YR(she’s obsessed with him and coddles and over-indulges him), as if the other kids wouldn’t notice that she went for him but never did for any of theirs,and she sniffed, “No one cares except YOU!” but I’m sure they must have felt hurt and during the performance she only looked at him the entire time, not the others, whereas I watched everyone, even the ones I don’t know. The priest also did what I called a “Half-assed Mass” which was only half a Mass and didn’t even incl. Communion! My mother was also mad they didn’t have any food after( another reason she went; she only ever goes anywhere for the food) like they used to, and my hubby was mad at ME for forgetting to bring the camera to film even though if he’d wanted it HE should have been the one to remind me!

As well, when I was walking Buddy a neighbour told me he’s “beautiful” and she praised my kids saying how “polite” and “well-behaved” they are, adding that everyone else here is so “rude and disrespectful” and it surprised me and I was thinking inside my head, “Polite and well-behaved? Hey, lady, you should see how they behave at HOME!” The 8 YR old was loudly thumping and making noise as well so Buddy was barking and my mother and hubby were yelling at HIM and blaming him and said if HE wasn’t here we wouldn’t have the noise( his barking) so I said if the 8 YR old( who was MAKING the noise CAUSING him to bark) wasn’t here he wouldn’t be barking,either; it’s the same thing….and in fact, if I hadn’t met my hubby we wouldn’t even be HAVING this stupid conversation! They just really piss me off and meeting him is one of my biggest regrets in life.