My iPod Came!

MyiPod My iPod came but you can’t see the engraving on the photo here; it’s too small but the top line says “Pogue Mahone” and the line below says “Bumbo Klaat”( a Jamaican slang word I won’t tell you what it means; if you’re really THAT curious you can always Google it). I’m surprised it never came with any instructions though and of course I have NO IDEA how to work the freaking thing so I had to PAY the 12 YR old to set it up for me( talk about embarrassing!) all the while she berated and mocked me for being “old” and “dumb” for not knowing it, even though it’s new and it takes awhile to get used to new stuff, plus it takes me a LONG time to learn new stuff and I’m NOT exactly “tech savvy”. She got me reg’d and installed the apps I wanted( not too many; just the standard iTunes, weather, radio station, Siri, Trivia Crack, Facebook, Twitter; I won’t really be using the apps much; I mostly just got it to listen to music, like a modern-day Walkman.

I won’t be texting either as I have trouble with the keys; I either end up touching the wrong letter or two letters at once(it’s sooooooo frustrating) and I’m so incredibly slow at it) as I either have fat fingers or the letters are too small  and the song collection I have is a mix of Reggae, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Opera, Classical,  and foreign language from the 70’s and 80’s, back when music used to be good, not the pussy-pop crap they have today and my hippo iPod case arrived the day after the iPod did,so it worked out really well, and as I lay out suntanning listening to my music it reminded me of when I was a teenager and I rock out and don’t even realize I’m singing out loud,either, and the kids HATE it and are always chiding me for it but I get the music in me and I just can’t help it! So far all I’ve done is listen to music; I haven’t even begun to try and figure out how to access Facebook, use Siri, or take photos yet, one step at a time…

As well, the 16 YR old came back after being at camp for 6 weeks and she’s nice and tanned now and it really hurt me that she walked right past me,ignoring me and went up to my mother and hugged her; she “buys” the kids’ affection and has poisoned them against me, and the 16 YR old said at camp they were going to go to a redneck baseball game but went to a soccer game instead and when I voiced my disappointment the 17 YR old said I’m “narrow-minded” but that’s just a word worldly people use to describe and insult people they disagree with and I just think that they should have taken them somewhere *cultured*(like the opera or the ballet) instead of some low-class sporting event, and I wondered why I’ve been peeing all day yesterday too and then realized I must have mixed up my diuretics and migraine pills and accidently taken 3 diuretics and 1 migraine pill instead of the other way around; I was half-asleep and the pills look alike! Ooops!